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NH Senate Turns Their Backs on Women’s Sports

The Democrat-led New Hampshire Senate declined to vote on SB 480, the NH Senate Save Women’s Sports bill, and instead tabled it along with a number of bills they decided weren’t important enough to consider, ending any hopes of protecting women’s sports for this legislative session.

The ACLU of New Hampshire sent out a victorious email to their supporters claiming success in forcing women to compete against men in New Hampshire female-designated public school sports.

This year, ACLU-NH Trans Justice was supporting bills to amend birth records and opposing two bills that would have banned trans student athletes from athletic participation. We soundly defeated the student athletics bills

They neglected to mention that the NH Senate didn’t vote on SB 480 and that all but two Republicans voted to pass the NH House Save Women’s Sports bill, HB1251. It was only the NH House Democrats, voting in lock step against protecting women’s sports, that did the bill in. The ACLU-NH also lied about gender-confused students being banned from school sports. All NH public school students can participate in the sports designated for their bioligical sex.

Lane Joslin, a gender-confused young man, who testified against the NH House Save Women’s Sports bill was lauded by The Advocate as a “Champion of Pride” for helping to kill the bill.

From the Union Leader coverage of the public hearing for HB 1251:

Lane Joslin, a 15-year-old transgender teen who was born a boy, recalled in her testimony how she would turn every dish towel into a dress or an item that gave her the appearance of long hair.

“I love soccer and have played since I was five or six years old,” Joslin said. “This is how I identify and I always have.”

In the “Champions of Pride” piece in The Advocate, Lane is quoted as saying “Our humanity does not depend on how others perceive us. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.” There is no mention of the respect taken away from women who are losing to men in their own sports or the dignity taken away when young women have to share their locker rooms with men.

| Photo: Selina Soule, courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom