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Florida: While the Virus Alarmists are Hard at Work How About Some Facts

Covid test positive

Virus alarmists are pointing to States with record-setting infection rates as proof. Of what? That if you insist on living your life without the government approving your every move, we’ll all die, and you are to blame.

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So, they are hard at work with their magnifying glasses all across the country – but mostly in Florida and Texas. Those two states have big numbers making easy targets for blame, especially given their conservative approach to valuing an individuals’ freedoms.

The Florida COVID-19 dashboard has several graphics that show the real story, so let’s ignore their hyperbole and take a look at some facts.

In Florida, just about every day, there is record-setting (for them) infection counts, about 11,000 per day. This is due to two big reasons – a massive population, and they are testing an astounding 88,000 people per day.  In Massachusetts, with 1/3rd the population as Florida, they maxed out at only 14,000 tests per day in April and May.

Florida could reduce testing people and have fewer cases for the hyperactive liberal media to report or test 10 times as often and have even more significant case numbers at which the alarmists can point. But, in neither case would that do anything to change the reality of what is happening.

The media just reports counts without any context. To them, big numbers are bad regardless of the comparison to the population except when it comes to spending. “Two trillion” hardly gathers any attention when it comes to paying people to stay home and fear the virus; but, the number “two thousand” is an enormous number when it comes to people infected with this one virus.

FLorida tested positive vs tests

The graphic above shows that the state of Florida has tested as many people in two weeks as Massachusetts has in total in 5 months (1,044,000.)

The more meaningful metric is the percent of people testing positive. Massachusetts peaked around 30%, while Florida is currently just under 13%. There was a time when our trusty leaders said when the percent positive dropped to below 10% that they would open the economy. Now the goalposts have been moved. That threshold keeps being made stricter. And Florida is being attacked for being at a level that, in the past, was supposed to be a sign that the virus is under control. Yes, the percentage positive has gone up in the past month. Yes, it is higher than it was in April. But there is no justification for panic.

percent tested positive

Deaths due to COVID-19 are a reality that doesn’t change depending on how large of a population you test for the virus. That’s where Florida is not nearly as bad as the freedom-hating mask wearers, and the endlessly fearful would like you to believe. Their distorted optics of this issue magnifies the mortality rate but crops out anything else that offers a comparison.

While 5300 people have died from the coronavirus, the “epidemic” in Florida is now only the 8th leading annual cause of death. If the mortality rate were to quadruple to 400 deaths per day and continue that way for three solid months, the Liberals would absolutely lose their minds. But by the year’s end, COVID-19 would still only rank 3rd as a leading cause of death in that state. Every year about 200,000 that’s TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND people die in Florida due to common (every day) reasons. Right now, 5300 people have died in Florida with COVID-19.

FL Leading causes of death

Of everything that has been said about COVID-19 in Florida, the testing, the percent positives, the trends, the single most informative fact that you should remember and clearly state to anyone who feels the need to shame you for being a conservative is (I just said it, but it’s worth repeating): “Every year over 200,000 people die in Florida. So far, only 5300 have died with the coronavirus.”

Whatever the leaders in Florida have done and are doing, they should be commended. In a state that is known for its retirement age population, a demographic which the data identifies as the highest, if not the only, risk group for this disease, Florida (1 in 4052) has proportionally almost as few deaths as New Hampshire (1 in 4500) versus Massachusetts (1 in 840.)

The main-stream media has no interest in informing the public, nor are they interested in providing examples of positivity when it comes to COVID-19. All they are interested in is selling ad space and scaring the population into capitulation with their mask-wearing agenda.