Aria DiMezzo Kerfuffle - The 'Transgender Satanist Anarchist' Republican nominee for Cheshire County Sheriff - Granite Grok

Aria DiMezzo Kerfuffle – The ‘Transgender Satanist Anarchist’ Republican nominee for Cheshire County Sheriff

Aria DiMezzo

OK, I’ll be truthful here – I really just wanted to bypass this whole matter altogether. However, we are here to serve our readers and LOTS of you have been leaving comments or sending in emails asking us our thoughts about the ‘Transgender Satanic Anarchist’ Republican nominee for Cheshire County Sheriff.

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 The backstory is that the incumbent Sheriff has won the last four times and the previous GOP candidate decided that continually “pounding his head on a wooden table” had had enough (Keene is a very liberal place and not all that friendly to Republicans). So Aria saw an opening and took it as there were no other takes to go up against Eli Rivera (current Sheriff).

While I can’t speak for EVERYONE (given that Groksters have proven in the Clegg-Wheeler race that we aren’t ALWAYS on the same page -and sometimes not even in the same book as far as that race was concerned), I’m betting most would agree with me on this.

And seeing as it was “suggested” that I write this post, I will; take it or leave it, but this is one of those that will be trying to skirt my own Rule #1 here. Sorry if my skirt falls off.

  • This is a free country. We were founded on the idea of Religious Freedom, so Aria DiMezzo can believe whatever she wants, being a high priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church. I certainly don’t believe what she does (quite the opposite other than the idea that the Devil does exist – which must mean that he believes that God does exist.

Sidenote: Reformed?  Reformed from WHAT? From my Evangelical standpoint, I can’t see how worshipping Lucifer can actually have “divisions”???

  • This is a free country. We were founded on the idea of Freedom of Speech. If her campaign slogan is “F the police,” let him say it. Just don’t do so in front of small innocent children – employ some modicum of manners here (although from the multiple accounts I’ve seen, that may well be a stretch). We don’t have to listen.
  • He is a full-blown Libertarian that has chosen to go full Anarchist – certainly not the holding of the liberty-minded Libertarians that I have met and known; there is a HUGE difference in outlook, philosophy, and actions. Bruce Currie keeps prattling about how GraniteGrok believes in no government at all. He’s wrong, of course, as Conservatarians, we do believe that an ordered Society (but not ordered around by Government). There are bad actors in Society because we are all Fallen from grace – we’re not Angels.
  • Politically, we don’t agree with DiMezzo at all. I, being the son of an Irish drunk (abuser of the liquid drug of alcohol) and the Dad of an addict (who has now been clean for over a years – HALLELUJAH!), I reject the notion of decriminalizing drugs because of the actions against innocents by those high on drugs (or looking to score more drugs).
  • We’ve had the Op-Eds by those involved in sex trafficking – it is awful and a blanket “no problem” isn’t going to change that. He’s wrong on this.
  • And an open borders policy will ruin this country by those that want the benefits of a Free Society but not assimilating to the ideas that undergird this country. A nation that doesn’t guard and enforce its borders will not be a nation in short order.
  • While he considers himself a “transgender woman”, I don’t. He’s a guy just like me (physically since conception – none of this “assigned at birth” dodge that the gender dysphoria crowd keep crowing about, as if somebody with a clipboard is scanning up and down a list saying “Yep, we need another girl…this one will be a boy….”. Misgendering?  Don’t care. And I bet DiMezzo, if he really embraces the philosophy he espouses below, won’t care either. Sovereignty works both ways, dude. But this is a free country – knock yourself out believing you’re a woman. If family and friends go along with, so much the better for you. For the rest of us, you don’t have the Right to tell us what to believe (lyin’ eyes and all that).

DiMezzo is part of the “Free Keene” set – a group that was split off (spit out of, forceably?) from the Free State Project (whom the ‘Grok has supported for years and are friendly with a lot of them at the State house having won their elections). They are mostly known as “The Keene Kiddies” for their antics that rub a lot of people the wrong way.

They are, in many cases, truly anarchists that don’t believe in government at all (as opposed to most Libertarians who strive, like many Conservatarians, for limited government knowing that it is necessary). These Keene Kiddies don’t understand that if Government is done away with, we end up with Strong Man Governments – or rather, a Strong Man Tribe (see Illhan Omer -> Somalia if you don’t know what I mean). Re:

DiMezzo also identifies as a ‘high priestess’ of the Reformed Satanic Church, which describes itself as ‘an organization dedicated to the sovereignty of the individual, and to the principle of non-aggression.

And that definition of “Sovereignty” means absolutely and completely independent of anything and anyone.

No, I would not vote for Aria DiMezzo because he IS a prototype of the completely individualistic anarchist that Bruce Currie keeps railing that we are at GraniteGrok.

This proves the meme that we on the Right see the factions on the Left far more clearly than the Left sees us. So Bruce, as you are writing your comments, take note: there are HUGE differences between us and the political group to which DiMezzo belongs. Let’s see if Bruce can figure it out.

But the REAL moral of this post is this: the lesson to the GOP should be that you NEVER leave a slot open for just anyone to call themselves a Republican.

While we castigate many RINOs that the Party blithefully (or resignedly; I’m never really sure) accepts, how big of a Big Tent do you have to have to accept someone that doesn’t accept ANY of the NH GOP Platform? Seriously, is the Party that woefully lacking in both philosophy and tactics to not have a candidate ready for the primary, or failing that, reading the population at large (including Democrats seeing a semi-trailer sized hole in which to make political mischief????) in not putting up a write-in that could win?

Doing nothing, giving no support to, is not a action. That’s a nullity – the absence of action isn’t (or in this case, didn’t) going to solve your problems. To be sure, this is a problem of the NH GOP’s own making and CANNOT blame it on “Libertarians”. Most, as I said earlier, make common cause on limited Government and Free Markets.

If you aren’t going to make efforts to protect your brand, this is what you get. Deservedly so, and I’ve been saying this for years. Reagan’s 80% Rule has become a joke – we’ve outlined Republicans endorsing Democrats (like Alida Millham, once again, endorsing Democrat Biden after I outed her at a Belknap County Republican meeting when Alan Glassman accept the nomination of her for being a Committee member), we’ve put a Big Flashlight on RINOs that vote more in line with the Democrat Platform than the Republican one.

YOU. OWN. THIS. Now, what are you, NH GOP, going to do about it? Unless you want to pull a JHO and run yourself away from the political fallout / “mud from a hose”, you can’t blame it on the county GOP (although they own this as well). So, what is the remedy going forward?

Now that it has happened once, it will happen again (even if someone is “faking it” just to get attention). What steps will be taken to prevent it in the future?

Look, I get it – it is REALLY hard to get candidates just for the NH House and Senate. Down ballots get even harder. But SOME vetting has to be in place, some mechanism has to be in place that says “sure, we have a Big Tent but not THAT Big”. Will there be any action on this? Or blown off as a one-timer. That then begs the question: “well, what about a ‘little’ less than DiMezzo – is that OK”?

Where is the cut-off?


After thought: reports have come in that his car has been vandalized. THAT’S unacceptable! Again, a free country means Freedom of Speech and Expression. It’s wrong and should not have happened. Period. Full Stop.

But being me and not able to help myself, isn’t that what full Anarchy brings? Haven’t we seen enough of that in the Democrat ruled cities this summer essentially shutting down their cities’ protection mechanisms and allowing these Marxist BLM and Anarchist Antifa run amok?  Isn’t this the world that DiMezzo is all about – fully Sovereign and answerable to no one?