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Vaccine Mandate Misconceptions

COVID19 Vax Vial original Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

There are several misconceptions surrounding the opposition and protest of vaccine mandates. I use the word “misconceptions” in place of “lies” because I believe only a small number are actively spreading misinformation about the entire vaccine mandate issue.

I want to begin by stating that I myself am vaccinated. I’m not opposed to vaccines, but I know their purposes and functions. I am opposed to any mandate stripping away medical autonomy and privacy.

The COVID vaccine is NOT the same as the polio vaccine. It is akin to the Flu vaccine. There are many types of vaccines (live-virus, deactivated-virus, partial viral DNA identifiers in spike proteins, etc.). The polio vaccine actually creates permanent antibodies, and your body will fight and destroy Polio before you reach a viral load indicating infection. You will not contract or spread Polio if vaccinated.

That’s not how the COVID vaccine works. Viruses such as the Flu and COVID mutate frequently, and the vaccine prevents the most severe symptoms, but you can still achieve a viral load sufficient for infection, and you can still spread it. Getting Vaccinated protects YOU and no one else. Any thought that MY being vaccinated in any way protects YOU is fallacious and uneducated. If you want protection, YOU need the vaccine. It’s a personal choice weighing the risks and benefits you and no one else.

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The misconception that fighting against vaccine mandates is a unique anomaly led by misguided, uneducated fringe Libertarians who believe conspiracy theories in NH (and nowhere else) is absolutely false. If anything, the uneducated and misguided people are those who blindly think that the vaccine is required of ME to protect THEM. Go reread the previous paragraph.

This fight against overarching unconstitutional government mandates, including the pressuring of private companies to create mandates the government cannot legally impose, is not unique to NH. Police in Chicago, pilots at Southwest, and everyday people in retail and restaurants oppose the mandates.

All around the country, and even the world, people oppose the MANDATES, not the vaccine. These people come from ALL places in society – from Nurses and Doctors to Pilots and Police Officers to kitchen workers and waitstaff. There is no political party affiliation common across this vast range of people. What unites everyone is the overreach of government.

If you talk to any of these groups, you will not hear one person talk about 5G mind control or tentacled microorganisms. The vast majority will tell you they do not oppose the vaccine per se, and many like myself are already vaccinated BY CHOICE.

I heard a radio commercial this week stating that “You should go in and get your Flu shot AND COVID vaccine at the same time.” The thought of this is truly frightening because although the FDA stated that you could get the flu shot if you have had the COVID vaccine, they have NOT studied getting both shots at the same time.

There have been no studies, and there is NO data in the CDC regarding simultaneous Flu and COVID vaccinations across age ranges, body types, and varying comorbidities. Getting both vaccines simultaneously could trigger a cytokine storm overwhelming the immune system and causing organ damage. At a very minimum, you should wait for 3-days between vaccinations, and 2-weeks is better.

I will leave you with this: If you want to get the vaccine to ensure YOU have more protection, get it. But let it be your choice, not an action under duress by threats from others.