Gen. Don Bolduc: "Their Strategy Is to Keep Themselves in Power at Your Continued Expense" - Granite Grok

Gen. Don Bolduc: “Their Strategy Is to Keep Themselves in Power at Your Continued Expense”

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This is the problem. The very people that advocate for unity create the most divisiveness. I learned this last election and so far it is true in this election.

I know the Republican Party is poorly organized and led. What many people do not know is I have reached out to all the “so-called republican leaders” to come together for the benefit of the party and not one has reached out.

They are good at blaming others, pointing fingers, and not taking accountability for their actions.

They are afraid of me because I am a political outsider and I believe that career politicians and the status quo is bad for Granite Staters, and I am not afraid to say it.

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Bottom line, the governor is only interested in his success. His famous Hannity Show quote, “Sometimes a governor needs to be selfish” says it all. Sorry governor, public servants can never be selfish, they must selfless.

From the article:

Sununu listed what he views as accomplishments, from tax cuts to low unemployment to better-than-average COVID 19 numbers. “This is an amazing fact — did you know we’re the only state in the country that had fewer businesses close in 2020 than in 2019? Think about that,” Sununu said.”

Okay, I have thought about it and researched it. More importantly, I have talked to many Granite Staters that cannot attend 500-dollar-a-plate-dinners.

They see his tax cuts as minuscule and a political move. The unemployment rate when he took office was 2.6 and it is 2.9 now. No gain there. You cannot compare NH businesses to other States, you must look at NH. Only a career politician would brag about job loss he created regardless of the year. Our small businesses took a big hit and are still suffering from his decisions to lock down the state.
Let’s take a look:

1. Sununu’s mountain of Emergency Orders violated the State Constitution, treated adults as wards of the State, caused loss of life at elderly care facilities, devastated small businesses, devastated education, and fined businesses for standing up for their rights.
2. In 2021, NH ranks #37 in economic stability. In 2018 (first term) NH ranked #24. That’s a drop of 13 places. This is a drastic fall under Sununu’s watch.
3. Public Education continues to decline.
4. COVID policies interfered with worship and the community programs they provide for families, addicts, and alcoholics.
5. No new industry coming to NH.
6. Energy costs are too high.
7. Health costs are too high.
8. Infrastructure in NH is rated 34 out of 50.
9. Opioid crisis is worse than pre-COVID (and it was bad enough before COVID).
10. Homelessness has increased.
11. Contaminated water in our communities is a problem.
12. Broadband remains an issue.
13. No action on election integrity issues.
14. Ignored Mental health.
15. Identified as a friendly governor by the Chinese Communist Party.
16. Waterville Valley Ski Resort doing business with a Saudi Arabian Company that supports terrorist financing.
17. Attended a World Government Conference in the UAE at taxpayer expense during COVID.
18. Accepted a 31k raise during COVID and the economic crisis.
19. He takes federal money and commits us to requirements that violate our individual rights, grows government, and adds to the federal debt.

Their strategy is to keep themselves in power at your continued expense. They have no plan to win.

In 2022, you need to support the candidate not the establishment.

There is more of us then there are of them. We must take back our state from career politicians, the establishment, and enforce a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

I also recommend you stay away from the NH Advantage PAC and the Live Free or Die PAC. They do not represent conservative republicans fairly and are tied to the establishment.

It would be unwise to give your money to the NH GOP until they start following the republican platform and following their bylaws.

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God Bless America and Live Free or Die!!!