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OPPOSE Federal DHHS Money and Federal CONTROL of NH [Update!]

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Sununu just upped the ante. He’s lobbying to accept the $27 million federal grant for 13 NEW vaccine propaganda positions — with strings attached that will REMOVE our state sovereignty. The governor and Executive Council may be voting on this TOMORROW, and we must PROTEST to show them we DO NOT approve.

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What: Executive Council Meeting protest
When: Wed, Sept 29 @ 7:30-8:30AM
Where: Saint Anselm Institute of Politics, 100 Saint Anselm Drive, Manchester

WE CAN STOP THIS. We need your help to put pressure on the elected officials to kill this unnecessary spending and propaganda program. We SHOULD NOT be promising to execute ANY ORDER OF THE FEDERAL DHHS SECRETARY in exchange for this 30 pieces of silver.

We need to send a LOUD message to the Executive Council that we DO NOT WANT federal grants with strings attached and 13 new vaccine propaganda bureaucrats. The federal puppet masters want to strip us of local control and force us to “comply with existing and/or future directives and guidance from the [federal HHS] Secretary regarding control of the spread of COVID-19” (language actually in the grant!).

No amount of money is worth giving the feds this control over NH citizens! We put enough pressure to get EC and fiscal committee to lay these on the table – time to put the nail in the coffin on this federal overreach.

If you cannot make it, it is time to call or send a text to these cell phone numbers expressing your feelings about these DHHS contracts and ceding CONTROL of NH citizens to the federal bureaucracy.

  • The Honorable Joseph D. Kenney, Cell: (603) 581-8780
  • The Honorable Cinde Warmington, Cell: (603) 387-0481
  • The Honorable Janet Stevens, Cell: (603) 436-1645
  • The Honorable Ted Gatsas,  Cell: (603) 494-5786
  • The Honorable David K. Wheeler, Home Office: (603) 672-6062

Also: EMAIL the EC and tell them to vote NO on #9B and #9D >> Joseph.Kenney@nh.govDavid.K.Wheeler@nh.govCinde.Warmington@nh.govTed.Gatsas@nh.govJanet.L.Stevens@nh.gov



Links to contracts in question:

For a small investment of your time, you can help stop the continued growth of the vaccine tracking system that is a clear threat to our freedom as well as a direct violation of the Constitutional Amendment adopted just 3 years ago. (Article 2-b: An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent. December 5, 2018)

Just show up and park behind the NH Institute of Politics and meet the elected officials on the way into the meeting.  The breakfast meeting starts at 8am, so plan to be there at 7:30 am.

Originally published 9/28/21 at 8 pm ET

[9/29 Update] From an ally this morning: “… do not park on [St Anselm] property you could be towed. I know in the past they’ve towed protesters cars and you don’t want any of that at the end of Santa’s Drive look for one of the side streets and park in them and I think that’s a safe place.”