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Manchester: Seventh Person Shot in a Six Day Period

Manchester city hall

Enough is enough. We Must Stop Craig’s Chaos Now. Under failed Mayor Joyce Craig, Manchester continues to make headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Just last night, our city experienced its seventh person shot in a six-day period. That’s right, seven people shot in six days in our own city.

Crime is spiking in Democratic-run cities like Manchester, all across our country, because their disastrous policies are sending them in the wrong direction.

I refuse to sit back and allow the Manchester we love continue down this dangerous path like other cities where violent crime is rampant and extreme homelessness is commonplace. That’s why I have released a detailed plan on how I will solve the crime problems in our city beginning on my first day in office, which can be found on my website.

The fact is: Craig’s chaos has to end.

But if we don’t make a serious change this election, headlines like these will become the norm. Whether you live in Manchester or not, New Hampshire’s largest city’s successes and failures impact our entire state.

I desperately need your help to defeat Joyce Craig and set the Queen City on a different path. Join me in this movement.

Please click here and contribute whatever you can to help me beat Joyce, put an end to Craig’s chaos in Manchester, and begin a new tomorrow for our state’s largest city.

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