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About that Vaxxine – Here’s Some Scientific Information from Top Experts in Their Field

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The following links include factual, scientific information from top experts in their field from around the world. As much as possible, links are to actual sources rather than opinion pieces.

Because of the nature of suppressed data in this time of fedgov-media censorship, some links necessarily point to compendium pieces or other compilations.

And before someone yells about it in the comments – of course, much of this information is from non “mainstream media” sources. Your beloved media has been corrupted beyond belief, and nobody except the deaf, dumb, and blind or progressives (but I repeat myself) pays any attention to them.

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Yes, the information linked to isn’t a Twitter thread one minute read. Engage the brain and exercise those cognitive skills that have lain dormant for so long in this age of constant push notification propaganda.

For progs and those who fell for the propaganda, you may want to stop right here so you can go on living in your pseudo-reality bubble.

For resisters and clear thinkers, read, watch, ponder, deduce, then decide.

NOTE: We use “vaxx” or “vaxxine” since the gene therapies being pushed on the public as “vaccines” are not in any way a true vaccine.



Yes, Karen, there are viable and effective treatments for COVID-19, unlike what the CDC has been squawking from day one. Why do they still insist on a now-obvious lie? Because the “emergency authorization” from the fedgov to use the vaxx requires that there can be no alternatives to the vaxx. And yet, contrary to the constantly brainwashed parrots, there are effective alternatives.

And they are being studied worldwide.

RetractionWatch keeps track of COVID-19 related studies and papers that were published but have been retracted for those who want to go really deep. The next time someone cites a “study” claiming the vaxx will make you live to 100 and have unicorn children or whatever ridiculous claim, check RetractionWatch to see if their source is still actually a source.

Okay, so you’ve decided to assume responsibility for your own health and not trust liars and fraudsters to keep you healthy. Below are a few links to sources that may enable better choices.

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Physician List & Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment


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