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Thank You for Ruining My Kids’ Education. Now You Will Answer for It.

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Good evening, As I discuss with my son his socialist, feckless, “everyone gets a trophy” grading system that YOU ignored the petition of over 300 students and parents to change; and as I now KNOW that many of you signed into effect a transgender policy whereby teachers can call MY kids doorknobs, he, she, they, it, etc. without ANY parental knowledge;

And I as KNOW that YOU covered up for a CRIMINAL teacher who also happens to be a terrorist on social media, I want you to know that you have succeeded in ruining all of our kids’ love of learning, in most cases for your socialist political ideology that puts ideas WAY above kids’ interests.

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For God’s sake, your failed policies are SO BAD that a middle school child can’t even get ON the Honor Roll because the head socialists decided that hard work will not be rewarded, and EVERY ONE OF YOU allowed this pure insanity to happen.

I was actually nice before. I am no longer.

The gall to ruin people’s children’s education so openly and to think that you’re doing even a decent job is embarrassing to town government and American education.

You have FAILED our children, at the cost of over $10,000 per year to me alone. (Yes, I pay over $12,000 in property tax annually, over $10,000 of which goes to a school ranked 2-10 in college prep).

I also want you to know that not only will I do YOUR job and ensure that the absolute terrorist with a very recent criminal arrest record you allowed to continue to teach despite numerous warnings from parents and faculty alike, who released a 100% illegal transgender survey to 14 yr olds has her teaching credentials removed.

Further, I ensured an investigation, and I will also be demanding the resignation of the superintendent.

I am also demanding publicly, every day until the election, the resignation of every one of you, except for Robin ODay.

Rest assured that this is just the beginning of the investigations that will commence regarding the 100% disregard of OUR kids by both the SAU and every one of you.

You have all allowed the complete politicization of our children while ensuring that they cannot think critically for themselves.  Instead, dictating WHAT they think.  Even to the point that they disrespect their own parents if the parents disagree with whatever agenda was sponged onto them at school (because the teacher told me to).

All while we paid 81 cents of every property tax dollar for the SAU and YOU to do it.

I want you all to know now that it is time to answer for that. Publicly.

I will not hesitate to use any information that I have and what I will find.

Such as one Board member covering up for a child molester convicted of molesting, I believe FIFTY children in Newmarket, only to have the incestuous SAU network elect that person to the School Board unbeknownst to parents.

To my being told by a current Board member that he “didn’t want to hear it” when I as state representative exposed just a small number of lies told directly to me by the last socialist superintendent here. The one who you all bowed down to when implementing this horrendous, education and discouraging and OBVIOUSLY socialist grading system.

Your intent and your interests could not be more clear, and the very last interest is obviously our kids’ education.

You will hear about the public Dept of Education hearings that I will schedule to show the extreme political bias by this SAU and many others when we, the people, demand that all bias be removed from the student curriculum.  And all those who continue to infect our children with their political party’s agenda will have their teaching credentials removed.

Please pass that information on to the most socialist teachers that you continue to employ. That many of them WILL be fired, as we have a plan. And this is now my number one priority in life.

You will all be exposed, as will every School Board and SAU employee who abuses our children for their political purposes, and you WILL answer for what you did and allowed to happen to OUR children with OUR money.

Sincerely and most determinedly,
Sean Morrison – Epping


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