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Why Is the Left So Fearful Of Christians?”

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In his Boston Herald op. ed. Column Focus on the Family president Jim Daly makes many valid points (“Why is the left so fearful of Christians?” April 25, 2021); but I would like to add one more.

The left fears Christianity because they correctly perceive churches as ideal units of organization all across this nation with a unified ideology that must either be co-opted or suppressed. Margaret Sanger understood this dynamic and used it to advantage with her “Negro Project,” co-opting black pastors to implement her eugenic program in the African American community.

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Conversely, pastors before the Revolution exhorted their congregations to get involved, often taking up arms themselves: these Christians did not exactly fit the wimpy self-righteous hypocrites stereotype the media so loves to portray, nor the beta males we are all to aspire to be.

The inherent flaw of identity politics is that it divides us into competing victim groups or tribes each of which is taught that they are superior and more deserving than the others (“Some animals are MORE equal than others” — George Orwell, Animal Farm). This leads not to unity but chaos, violence, and destruction creating the optimum political atmosphere for an all-powerful tyrant to come in and “fix it”, as happened in Germany, China, and the Soviet Union.

Heterogenous by nature, (Galatians 3:28), the church accepts all and any who declare Jesus Christ as their savior and live accordingly. To clarify one other particular in Daly’s column:  yes, our citizenship is ultimately in heaven, but while we are commanded to “obey the powers that be” (KJV Romans 13:1), under this constitutional system, as sovereign citizens (i.e., endowed by our Creator with natural rights), we SHARE in that power and authority and therefore it is our duty be involved in the moral decisions facing our country. That is a recipe for actual unity, and that is why the church is feared by the left.

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