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Herbert Marcuse and the Chatanooga BLM ‘Library Employee’ Book Burner

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It seems that the ‘anti-fascist’ Democrats have decided to officially drop the ‘anti-’. We all knew it was a silly joke anyway. Judging them by their actions, they are taking one more step towards the totalitarian fascism they so desire by burning books.

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The Librarian that burned books

A ‘Black Lives Matter community activist’, Cameron ‘C-Grimey’ Williams, from Chattanooga, Tennessee was fired last week from his job at the public library for taking ‘conservative books’ and burning them in December of last year.

The Federalist did a brief review of his ‘activism’, which includes leading the harassment of an ‘un-woke’ BBQ joint. C-Grimey has serious Democrat ‘activist’ credentials.

According to the USNews, C-Grimey was trained at the library on the approved process of ‘weeding’ – removing unwanted books from circulation but may have taken things a little too far.

C-Grimey reportedly filmed himself burning a choice selection of ‘conservative’ books he took from the library, some authored by President Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, and then put the video on Instagram.

The library disagreed with this ‘book burning’ and after an investigation, fired him. C-Grimey maintains he did nothing wrong and says his attorney is readying an appeal. He claims that he was reported by a ‘racist’ person trying to sabotage his well-being.’

He does not appear to have issued an apology or expressed any regret. Rather, he claims the act of reporting him to the library is ‘a perpetuation of white supremacy and racism, and it’s trying to hold back change’.

In his state of mind, the book burning is totally necessary and justified in order to achieve the change the Democrat party wants. Isn’t it a shame he is being persecuted for his important totalitarian fascist activism? Without ‘activists’ like him, we really won’t be able to get very Orwellian now, will we?

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Are you concerned about C-Grimey’s legal fees? Don’t worry, BLM-Chattanooga already has a ‘gofundme’ page up for him. I am sure the usual consortium of elite leftists will be making sizable donations.

With the money C-Grimey is going to make off this, he won’t have to worry about the ‘Dewey Decimal’ system anytime soon.

Repressive Tolerance

You’ve got to wonder what Herbert Marcuse would think right now. Marcuse was a German philosopher who immigrated to the United States and was considered the ‘Father of the New Left’. He redefined ‘tolerance’ in his 1965 essay ‘Repressive Tolerance’ stating:

Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left”

Marcuse provided the philosophical underpinning of the double standard used by the Democrats with a ‘liberation’ justification for repression and censorship. Maybe book burning has always been on the agenda for the Democrats as a ‘liberating’ activity. After all, flag burning has lost its shock and awe, it’s basically a mainstay of the Democrat party at this point.

Marcuse might say, yeah so if this book offends you, go ahead C-Grimey, torch it live on Instagram, and make a good show of it. Or maybe Marcuse would find this a bit of a letdown – it’s similar to what the Nazis did. Then again, Stalin burned books as well.

The ‘Father of the New Left’ attempted to justify this double standard of ‘tolerance’ by citing the Left’s lack of access to media in the 1960s saying “The Left has no equal voice, no equal access to the mass media and their public facilities – not because a conspiracy excludes it, but because, in good old capitalist fashion, it does not have the required purchasing power.”

Such is not the case today – you can find Leftist thought blasted out to the public from any number of sources – including public libraries.

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Just to confirm this is the case, I looked up some popular ‘Leftist’ books in the Chattanooga Public Library catalog. You can find Ibram X. Kendi’s ‘How to be an Antiracist’, Karl Marx’s Das Kapital’, and Barrack Obama’s Dreams from my father: a story of race and inheritance.’

I can’t forget. They also have Saul Alinsky’s Rules for radicals: a practical primer for realistic radicals.

For The People’?

Leftist people, on the fringe and in the mainstream, are incredibly wealthy, and buy and control all types of media. You have to wonder then, if the Left’s message is getting out, and they still feel the need to burn books, could there be another agenda at play other than ‘protecting our democracy’?

Yeah, there is something else going on, and it’s not for the people.’

Men like C-Grimey feel the need to prove their allegiance to the party and ‘repress’ opposition views, even by burning books and losing their job. They have been trained in this behavior by the Democrat party, and are rewarded for it.

Feels like the Democrats flipped a coin, and are waiting for it to drop. One side of the coin says ‘totalitarian.’ The other side of the coin says ‘fascist.’ Perhaps they are going for both.