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Molecular Biologist: When You MIX Politics with Science, the Result Is a Toxic Potion.

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SCIENCE: FDA reports and CDC confirms: Sars-COV2 RT-PCR tests have been inaccurate. Unable to differentiate COVID from the common cold, they officially join the scrap heap in December 2021. Were there ever any “super spreaders”?

POLITICS: Officials use faulty PCR tests to promote dangerous public policies. The oxymoron of social distancing is invented, and millions of healthy people worldwide are forced to cover their faces and hide. The use of early, life-saving treatment is prohibited. Doctors are forced to ignore sick patients until “too short of breath to reach the bathroom.”

Treatment with Remdesivir and vancomycin, drugs known to cause kidney failure, is mandated. Input from the medical and scientific community is strictly prohibited; the press is invited. The curable become critically ill, and many die.

Why are we not allowed life-saving early treatment?

POLITICS: New “vaccine” edict: Endure experimental injections that have taken a minimum of 52,647 lives in the USA*, and injured exponentially more. Casualties include precious friends and family, our elderly, our unborn infants, perfectly healthy children, and adults, accomplished athletes- none are spared.

Why such devastating losses?

SCIENCE: The man-made, SPIKE protein our cells manufacture post mRNA or DNA injection IS the most dangerous component of the Sars-COV2 virus. We become human factories for bullets that cause systemic blood disorders, nervous system disorders, immune and autoimmune disorders, myocarditis, and massive systemic inflammation. There is no off-switch.

What could possibly go wrong?

POLITICS: They claim our antibody response to the “spike” would gain us immunity. Yet “fully vaccinated” people are catching, spreading, and dying of the disease.

Do they understand science at all?

SCIENCE: According to the CDC, the chances of making a full recovery from a Sars-COV2 infection are at least 99.987% (even better with early treatment); a child’s chances are 99.998%. Once a person has recovered from COVID19, their natural, robust immunity will last a lifetime.

POLITICS: Ignore the facts and do what we tell you because we know better than you.

Why do we continue to comply, when we know something is terribly wrong?

SCIENCE: Healthy people are not a danger to others. Your breath is not a poison.

You do not need to cover your mouth and nose in order to live- quite the opposite!

God gave us all an amazing immune system; it works best when we use it.

Where scientific discovery is silenced, an alternate agenda is always at work. Governments do not protect families; they protect governments.

Time to step out of the Twilight Zone, shake off the political fog, and refuse to let fear drive our decisions.


Mary Anne Alliegro – Career Cell and Molecular Biologist