Thank You for Voting Down the $27 Million in Fed Money with the Strings Attached. - Granite Grok

Thank You for Voting Down the $27 Million in Fed Money with the Strings Attached.

Dictator Sununu Hundreds-Of-Millions In Disturbing Contracts

Thank you for voting down the $27 million in fed money with the strings attached. Sununu’s only concern right now is getting elected to the U.S. Senate. Everything he does is about that.

He’s the one who isn’t a conservative and who doesn’t care what’s in the constitution, not you, as he alleged on WGIR.

All he cares about, politically, right now is amassing more personal power. That is why Sununu wanted to trade state sovereignty to Xavier Becerra in exchange for a paltry sum (when compared to the state budget). Thank you for not listening to him on this issue. The Attorney General’s memo was laughable in that it claimed Sununu doesn’t have to follow laws and contracts.

Sununu has abused his power and betrayed the state constitution, by repeatedly declaring himself above the law. I will never vote for him again for any office. (I voted for him, reluctantly, in 2016 and 2018). I have no illusions about Sununu’s popularity. He is very popular. He is courting Democrat voters and assuming that Republicans will have no other option than to vote for him. Probably he is correct in his cynical assessment.

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The national RINO establishment wants Sununu to run because they think he will win against Hassan (probably he will) and that will increase their own power. That’s what they care about. They don’t care about the issues that Republican base voters care about: election integrity, border security, economic freedom, banning vaccine and mask mandates, and so many other issues (all rooted in freedom). The RINO establishment cares only about their own power, which is why they lie to us before elections and then ignore us afterward and never ever actually address the issues they claim to champion.

The NHGOP would be wise to distance itself from Sununu’s disingenuous form of “conservatism,” but probably won’t.

Thank you,

Max Ledoux