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The North Country Chronicles – Democrats Are Realizing They Have Been Sold a Bad Bill of Goods

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The Democrats – and by Democrats, I mean the traditional loyal opposition – are realizing they have been sold a bad bill of goods. They are starting to realize that everything the media says on their TVs at night is untrue.

They are starting to feel the grip of the State tightening around their throats, instead of the warm, safe, embrace they imagined. Starting to realize their “alt-Right” conspiracy nut co-worker or friend is correct, the Marxists are in charge.

The Progressives are angry because they are not getting all the FREE STUFF that Biden promised.

De-fund the Police is not only being walked back, its very existence is being denied, or blamed on Republicans, in one of the most perverse, yet revealing, incidents of psychological projection ever witnessed.

This includes the Progressive corporations and Big Tech.

Coke was poked until Woke, now Stacey Abrams won’t take their calls. Facebook contorted their TOS like a pretzel, censored Right-wing voices relentlessly, censored the Hunter Biden lap-top story, which should have been the story of the Century, and what do they get? Thrown under the bus by the Biden Junta.

The hard-core Commies are mad too. Why?

They see the Revolution being completely f**ked up by the useless ideologues of the Administration That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

The fatal flaw, of course, was Obama’s failure to confiscate firearms and eliminate the 2nd Amendment. A man with a gun is a Citizen, a man without a gun is a Slave, they know this.

They see the States responding to Federal over-reach with counter laws and de facto Nullification. They know the Revolution can never succeed unless the American people are disarmed.

If we were disarmed, we would look like Australia. People are locked down. No travel more than 3 miles from home. No talking in public, no posts online that go against the Official story, or you go to jail. No protests. This is how they want us- helpless before the Power of the State.

One of my older customers was in yesterday, and he’s had it. First, he had the Rona for weeks. Then he did what his Doctor told him, and got vaxxed. He got sick for weeks again but was OK with it because now he can go maskless. But now he can’t because the CDC is spinning so fast the information has become a blur.

This poor old man just wants to live his life, but the Federal Government keeps moving the goalposts while declaring previous declarations to be “no longer operable,” or denying them altogether.

Mask, don’t mask. Vax and mask, vax to un-mask, oops, mask up again. Vax and you’ll never get sick. Getting sick means the Vax works. He doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

What does he think of Biden now? “I’m done with EVERYONE in Washington. F**k ‘em.”

Let me state for the record, I am not “Anti Vax.” I have the full range of vaccinations, including a multi-booster and a Tetanus just last year. I am, however, ambivalent about using Messenger RNA Gene Therapy, which re-writes every DNA strand in your body, FOREVER, to induce virus resistance.

I’ll just wait until they make a REAL, traditional vaccine, using an attenuated (dead) virus to trigger an immune response. You know, like EVERY OTHER VACCINE, in all of History.

Let’s just give this Experimental Gene Therapy 2 or 3 years, so we can study the Long Term Effects-WHICH HAS NOT BEEN DONE YET!