Take Close Look at 'Socialized' Medicine and See if That's What You Want - Granite Grok

Take Close Look at ‘Socialized’ Medicine and See if That’s What You Want

Socialized Medicine

I think I made one or two solid points here in my letter of the 29th so let me try for a couple more this week. First, the fake “systemic racism” leftists keep howling on is just that, a divisive tactic without merit. It’s poverty among our inner-city minorities, always has been and will be.

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It happened to the poor Irish, then Italians poor are always looked down on as if it’s their faults.

Black communities have had a much more difficult effort because their color stands out. Democrats take advantage of this and refuse to provide good city schools/teachers, supplies, and whatnots. Why, because good educations will lead to successful people and communities, Black communities. Where is that in Democratic cities? Can’t find it with microscopes. Poverty leads to crime, always has and will, ask yourself where the heaviest crime and drugs found in Democratic cities and where are police most needed? Democratic politicians ensure poverty and crime then blame “systemic racism.” It’s not systemic but lives “strong and loud” in the Democratic Party.

Health care, as viewed by Socialists, is so good, why do Canadians still come down south here for critical treatment. In the UK, patients must wait weeks/months to see some doctor, any doctor. About ObamaCare, it proved it never saved that $2,500 for each family, or “keep your doctor or insurance”. Most working families couldn’t afford to use it due to enormous deductibles and copays; only the very poor and illegals benefited — working families got shafted. If Biden wins, count on that coming back, your insurance leaving you and your taxes raising to cover anyone except you. They promised to raise your taxes and will. Rich are pouring money into Democratic campaigns because the Dem’s will lower their taxes so who else have they got to pay for all their fantasy free stuff? Looking at you working people.

Then how many doctors and surgeons will retire if socialized fixed prices are mandated? General practitioners approaching retirement having no motivation to continue likely will and fewer students will enroll in med schools. Surgeons can take their practices offshore and keep their money there too. Many procedures will be done by technicians, not MDs, to try making up the difference. Not sure I’d like that! Overall our national medical care system will suffer. Another poorly thought out, sound good, bad idea from the socialists.

Now not to forget, for we older folks there will be an unelected board of bureaucrats deciding for us if we are deserving of life-extending treatments and procedures or if just making us “comfortable;” it will be their decision, not ours. You can call these boards anything you want but having life or death decisions in bureaucrats’ hands? Don’t think I like that either!