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Public Education is Broken

Teachers indoctrinating students

I had a chat this morning with Liz Gabert about COVID Era Public Education, and some of the issues with public schools in General. I’d classify it as “easy listening” unless you are some union-schooly-tool.

Then you might need a few antacids and a trip to your therapist.

Not my problem, and I have fun.

Here’s the opening transcript to get you started.

First of all, there will always be good teachers who are there for the right reasons, but the teachers-unions wield a lot of influence, even on non-union teachers and staff.

These national unions along with other national associations are what drive the agendas of superintendents – who then run school boards  – who then ignore parents. The hierarchy has been completely turned on its head.

It should be parents directing school boards who then direct superintendents who are accountable for results.


Thanks to Liz for the opportunity seeing as we are not doing our monthly December visit to WSMN this Wednesday but we should be back in Nashua on the 4th Wednesday in January. Until then, here’s my short segment on Life with Liz.

Segment length 12m 34s



Editors note: We will add a link to the entire Life With Liz Broadcast as soon as it becomes available.