VAERS Update: "Official" COVID Vaccine-Related Deaths Over 18,000* [Update] - Granite Grok

VAERS Update: “Official” COVID Vaccine-Related Deaths Over 18,000* [Update]

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As of 10/29/2021, according to the VAERS reporting system, 18,078 Americans have died after receiving the COVID19 vaccination. Twenty-eight thousand one hundred twelve (28,112) have been permanently disabled.

Excellent “vaccine” you got there.

update: The original published table had the correct data but the wrong date. 10/15 was incorrect, this data is as of 10/29/21. The table has been corrected.

VAERS COVID19 Vaccine Adverse Reaction 10-29-2021



These are, of course (*), just the reported cases. The number of actual injuries and deaths is in the tens of thousands more. Medical professionals are not reporting incidents as required by law. And the narrative disfavor truth in accounting regarding accurate numbers of harms relating to COVID19 inoculation.


Jim Jones Fake Quote Kool Aid Meme
Jim Jones Fake Quote Kool Aid Meme


Locally, the push continues to vaccinate everyone, even 5-11-year-olds who have more to fear from the “vaccine” than they do from the virus.

Concerns about health risks to children, which they once used to scare people, are now very real, not because of the virus but because of their cure.

Worldwide protests are on the rise as citizens push back against the mandates and the passports governments want to require for participation in daily life.

The solution is to stop giving in and remove from office, at the earliest legal convenience, those individuals undermining liberty and body automony.

In the meantime, a bit of peaceful resistance will have to suffice as we work to move legislation or convince elected officials that their jobs are to protect those rights first and foremost.

It’s not a situation with which most of them are comfortable, even in the Republican party.

This needs to change.


Note: the local NH data that is typically included in the VAERS update posts will be published separately at a later date.