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Remember When Democrats Were Obsessed With COVID and “Inflammation” in Children?

Young girl heart inhand

There has been a notable increase in inflammation issues in kids who have been vaccinated with the COVID19 juice. Inflammation around the heart. It has resulted in death, possibly even this one, but Democrats do not seem all that concerned.


But they were not always like that. In May of 2020, when it appeared we might be flattening the curve, The Fauci let loose with concerns about a rare inflammatory condition in children. He inferred that it might be because of COVID19. And up to that point, kids had been mostly unaffected medically by the pandemic.

In fact, up until we started jabbing them, they were mostly unaffected medically.

While more contagious among the young, even Delta has had no measurable effect on the hospitalization or death of those under 20. In New Hampshire, for example, it was and is still rare or non-existent.

The uncommon condition Fearmonger Fauci let loose was Kawasaki’s Disease, and it wasn’t that uncommon. It also wasn’t appearing in any greater proportion of kids in the COVID era. But it set the media and Democrats swirling the narrative bowl and staining social media with acts of domestic terrorism.

The Sky is falling! Kids are dying (or going to die!).

Fast forward to the COVID vaccine era.

VAERS reporting, required by the FDA but ultimately voluntary (no enforcement) and notoriously undercounted, reports at least 17,619 covid vaccine-related deaths and over 28,000 permanent disabilities, so far. An increasing number of those are under twenty.

One of the more concerning problems for healthy youth that have been Jabbed is inflammation around the heart. A serious condition that can lead to death. A condition caused by the COVID vaccine.

And Democrats (and COVID Karens everywhere) can’t get inflamed enough to care.