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There’s Only One Response to Every Lefty “Crisis” – More Government! Part 1

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I didn’t just want to show off the new Eco-Socialist-Treehugger logo that Steve just built for me – ain’t it wonderful? Sadly, the ideas that spawned his snarky take on Treehugger (well deserved, of course) NEVER seem to result in the persuasion of the Individual.

That, they have given up on, because they’ve realized that their “good ideas” must be enforced by Government. How else to get others to “accept” them?  The word “Voluntarily” has such a short half-life with these totalitarians. I’ve been keeping this TH post around for a while and it is PERFECT for the debut of this “Featured Image” (as we call the pics at the top of every post here at the ‘Grok):

Climate Crisis Needs Same Drastic Response As the Pandemic, Study Says
Climate monitoring should mirror the real-time data issued during the pandemic.

Ahead of the COP26 conference which will take place in Glasgow later this year, researchers from The Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, in collaboration with the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance and academic partners in Africa have released a report recommending governments regularly review and report loss of life and damage caused by the impact of our climate crisis.

…The report highlighted the crucial need to integrate Covid-19 recovery with climate action. They emphasized that the pandemic and the climate emergency can not be addressed as a separate crisis. The report shows evidence that the pandemic has not just held back urgently needed action to halt and begin to reverse global warming, but that it has also contributed to worsening the existing vulnerabilities for many communities and countries on the front line of the climate crisis.

And free riders:

One key recommendation also involves industrialized nations committing higher levels of financial support and technology transfer to countries in the developing world.

“Money for nothing and the chicks for free” is the lyric that constantly bubbles up when I read something like this – and I don’t even like the song!

Let’s just file this under the “Never let a Crisis go to waste” bin. Getting a two-fer out of it just makes it just better for propaganda.  And of course, with all of these “crisis” going on, it’s always the UN, that unelected, unaccountable, and Power hunger group of “gimme hands out” (at least in this area), that steps in and wants the final say and control.

And never forget their underlying proposition that MUST “galvanize” you to action to this emergency that has gone 50 years without a single prophetic utterance coming true:

Governments and authorities should treat the climate emergency with the same drastic response as the pandemic and recognize the urgency of climate action as they make recovery plans…Reporting climate data in the same way as the data relating to the pandemic could help educate society, and make clear the need for a drastic response to policymakers and the general public.

It’s an EMERGENCY, we tell you! Er, not until all of glad handers start living like it is one.  I was “galvanized” to write the following:

EVERYTHING that Progressives (you know, the Socialists that still can’t bring themselves to admit what they are) want MUST be on a war time footing. EVERYTHING is a crisis and the only answer is…..wait for it…..


And more government in every aspect of our lives. Go ahead and try to change my mind using a rational argument that the ONLY solution is more Government control and less Individual Freedom. More decisions that Government will make and far less than you can make. We’re already on the slippery slide now – just take that tiny little aspect of taking a shower.

You could choose to buy and install an ultra low flow showerhead – Government mandated it: you have no choice in the matter. Trump changed the regulation, believing that even ordinary people (and just not the Rich that Lloyd so bitterly hates) could choose a flow that would be more to their liking, lifestyle, AND to their local environment.

Biden’s bureaucrats are now reversing that small bit of freedom of choice – taking control back into the Government’s domain. And that’s just one small tiny issue.

Just, then, multiply it by the thousands or more decisions that Centralized Government Planners will continue to take on the Great Mind Fallacy that they know better than you do.

Everything is a crisis – and conservatives <or insert=”” other=”” groups=”” of=”” people=”” here=””> are being Othered. We’ve seen this many times before when Government wants to do something.

Trump was called an autocrat for – from my perspective, merely a political reason and gain. But he did take Power away from Government.

Biden, here in the States, is now doing the opposite by centralizing decision making back into Government. Isn’t that being autocratic?

That didn’t go over very well with the Eco-Socialists with comments like “Oh no, still some dried-out MAGA left-over…” and of course getting the basic Truth about Capitalism completely backwards with “This is the mantra that pushes the idea that Capitalism somehow equates to freedom. Nothing could be further than the truth.”  It’s the other way around:

You have it backwards – Freedom to choose is what allows Capitalism to work. Big difference.

One MUST have the ability to choose in order for Capitalism to work. The Producer setting a Price says that the goods or service is worth to THEM – the Consumer evaluates their own needs, wants, and cash in the pocket to say yes or no to the question: “Do I want that more than the money in my pocket”?  Without that, we’re back to a top-down economy.

Normally I’d break this into two Parts but I’ll go long a bit as someone decided to return to the Collectivism by framing “responsibility” as something you are chained to:

Freedom also comes with responsibilities to the society you are apart. Capitalism works? Explain all the negative externalities dumped on the citizens and taxpayers and that has been instrumental in driving the ecological, environmental and climate situation, not to mention all the instabilities and false assumptions, such as continuous growth on a finite world.

Easily seen there is the anti-choice in ChangeNeededBadly’s world outlook – you should not be allowed free choice because GAIA!  I’m sure that assuming the opposite, that someone will tell you how to live your lives, is true in his eyes.  But I point out that the lack of Capitalism is no guarantee that the negative outcomes are not just due to Capitalism:

If you’re looking for ecological, environmental, and climate situation, look no further than the former communist East Bloc for how they were “stewards” of their lands.

Looking at China now, yet another Communist regime, where 23 of the top 25 cities for carbon emissions are located. And the plastic in their rivers.

And how are all those Uighers enjoying all of the human rights in the Chinese gulags that the Central Committee has placed them in simply because they have had their religious freedom stripped from them?  Shall I also add in the Social Credit System that the Chinese have now implemented with their extreme surveillance society.

Yeah, you keep making all those apologist comparisons….

But I did address his main complaint:

Freedom does have responsibilities – but you can’t place obligations that you believe to be important onto others without their willing and informed consent.

And I believe that is a “feature” is something that Socialists aren’t really concerned with – it IS a feature and not a bug.  It is the Tyranny of the Majority when Society no longer cares about the Rights of the Minority.  They assume that everyone has the same outlook and they refuse to acknowledge the plain fact – Freedom is an Individual Right and not a Collective one.

They DO wish to make you do what they want – it is always THEIR version of their vaunted “Social Contract” they keep hauling out of the dusty corners when folks like us challenge their “conventional wisdom” (which is neither conventional or having the attribute of real wisdom).  I just blithely ask – where did I sign said contract?

Bug eyes is seemingly the normal response and silence results.

Just like to my comments – no further challenges.

And I like the logo!

And yes, I just labeled it Part 1.  I forgot about something else but this is long enough