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The Only Acceptable Purpose for Allowing Immigration into Our Country …

The only acceptable Purpose for allowing Immigration into our country is to bring people into our country who will benefit our existing citizens.  Immigration must not be to benefit non-citizens or special interests.

The Democrat Party is using immigration to change our society by importing people of foreign cultures without regard to whether they will benefit American citizens as long as they can be counted on to eventually support the Democrat Party whose appeal to middle income and poorer American citizens is declining after decades of false promises and oppression.

My Requirements for federal candidates for elected office:

  1. Define Birthright Citizenship as only applying to US Citizens and legal residents.  Define Birthright Citizenship as specifically not applying to illegal aliens, refugees, or people with tourist, education, or other temporary visas.
  2. Finish the Wall and Close the border with Mexico.
  3. End DACA.
  4. Deport ALL Illegal Aliens who have no evidence of being here more than 10 years.  Start with:
    1. Criminals of all types including:  all violent criminals, drunk drivers, domestic abusers, drug law violators, identity thieves, fraudulent voters, et al.
    2. Any who used any form of social services:  e.g., housing, food stamps, hospitals
    3. Anyone who cannot demonstrate that they were a net payer of Federal and State (if applicable) income taxes.
    4. Anyone who cannot show that they fully paid the social security and Medicare taxes on their income.
  5. Illegal aliens convicted of any crimes should be incarcerated in less costly foreign countries, perhaps Haiti.
  6. Make the penalty life imprisonment in a foreign prison for illegal aliens convicted of importing illegal deadly drugs into the US, e.g., opiates, fentanyl.
  7. Refuse entry to our country of any Immigrant or refugee who supports ideologies that are incompatible with Americanism, e.g., Marxism or Sharia.
  8. Pause immigration, including refugees, until the US labor force participation rate exceeds 70% and the unemployment rate is under 4% for all labor groups in which immigrants and their family members might compete for jobs.
  9. Refuse all immigrants or refugees who will not be self-supporting or who are ill.  Refuse any immigrant or refugee who doesn’t have a needed skill.
  10. End Visa Lotteries and Chain Migration.
  11. Establish biometric tracking for all non-US citizens entering the US and make sure these people depart the US by the end of their approved period. People entering the US on short-term visas must have evidence of pre-paid return transportation.
  12. Track all student visas to ensure the students are actually in school.  Immediately deport those who leave school prematurely or do not maintain passing grades.  Children born to people on student or temporary visas are clearly and legally determined to not be US Citizens.
  13. Require E-Verify for all employment.
  14. Any Cities or States that provide sanctuary for illegal aliens are to be denied all funding for any services used by or  because of illegal aliens, e.g., law enforcement, prisons, education, healthcare, welfare.
  15. The Federal Government must provide 1 week pre-notification of the intended settlement in a State of any illegal aliens, refugees, or others non-citizens without valid visas to the Governor and Legislature of every state to which is intended to be the recipient of such people.  The Governor or a majority vote of a State’s Legislature can deny the Federal Government the ability to settle all refugees or illegal aliens in a state.
  16. Make it the policy of the US to, when helping with refugees, support those refugees in a neighboring country with a culture and language similar to that of the refugees rather than bringing refugees to the US.  The goal is that refugees should eventually return to their home country.
  17. Legislate the “Stay in Mexico Policy” created by Trump.
  18. Deny the right to stay in the US to anyone who has illegally entered the US.
  19. Deny a path to citizenship to anyone who entered the US illegally and his/her family members.
  20. Put control of the naturalization under control of Congress.  Congress must limit the number of people who may become naturalized citizens annually to some number, perhaps 500,000.
  21. Require of anyone entering the US, proof of the same level of vaccinations required of US Citizens to go to school or hold a job.

Check back for my requirements for candidates running for federal offices on other issues, coming soon.