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Live With Liz – the extended version

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Extended because I’m usually on the phone and only for 15-20 minutes a segment. This past Wednesday was different as Liz invited me into her studio for the entire hour of her show. It was FUN!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a mic in front of me; nice to talk face to face instead of via a phone. We talked about:

  • Veterans Day
  • Sununu’s sleight of hand in hiding his electoral choice (deciding to stay a Governor instead of trying for the US Senate),
  • the latest lawsuit against the Exeter School District (taking away a student’s Free Speech and coercing speech over transgender “preferred pronouns”)
  • Marylyn and Albert Todd and their Voter Integrity Group.

An hour show was hardly enough time!

Here’s the audio:

Or the video if you prefer (didn’t know she did this!):

What was nice is that this week was the first one that Liz decided to starting taking call-ins.  And call in they did – 5 longish calls in an hour was a lot. Each was concerned with the Todds.

Listen well.