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Christmas Parade Killer Was in Jail Two Days Earlier (For Hitting a Woman with His Car)

Darrell Brooks

Darrell Brooks has been arrested for killing five and injuring at least forty after driving an SUV through a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It sounds crazy, but this is not new behavior for brooks, who was in jail days earlier after hitting a woman with his car.


Before the deadly incident, Brooks — the 39-year-old suspect who was taken into custody in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday night — was released on bail on November 11. …

In the case where the bail was $1,000, a woman whom Brooks had a child with told police he intentionally ran her over in his car after a fight, with Brooks pleading not guilty to those charges.


Brooks hits the mother of his child with a vehicle (after punching her) and is arrested for Domestic violence. The court sets bail at $1000.00, and Brooks gets released. Two days later, he runs down 50 people in the same red SUV, killing five of them.

The system is goofy, no double about that, and I’m no expert on setting bail, but what I want to know is if some progressive group that bails people out with donations for bleeding-heart liberals made his bail for him, or was it someone else?


[FOX] Two separate judges freed him on low-cost bail, records show: first for $500 in February after allegedly shooting at his nephew the previous summer and again for $1,000 earlier this month after a woman accused him of punching her and running her over with the same SUV that allegedly plowed into Sunday’s parade, killing at least five and injuring 48.


I have not yet identified the source of the bail, but we’ll keep poking around.

Brooks also has a statutory rape conviction after having sex with a 15-year old girl in Nevada.