Well, if US Attorney General Garland says I'm a Domestic Terrorist, I guess I am! My School Board seems to agree. Others here in NH? - Granite Grok

Well, if US Attorney General Garland says I’m a Domestic Terrorist, I guess I am! My School Board seems to agree. Others here in NH?

Live Free or Die NH

UPDATE II: My Chief of Police Anthony Bean-Burpee, just called.  His modus operandi (my wording) is that he will respond to local issues and groups – not to anyone higher up the law enforcement food chain. If asked, his dept will respond to the local School Board requests for having a presence if a “spirited” meeting is anticipated but other than that (and to which I can confirm), no officers are deployed. Nor will he respond to politicized redefinitions of words that US AG Garland used: intimidation, harassment; only the standard English and legal definitions thereof. Otherwise, he will just follow the Law. He agreed – just filing a lawsuit against a (er, my) School Board doesn’t make me a Domestic Terrorist.

UPDATE and bumped: I did get through calling the NH Attorney General’s office. I’m sure that my message will go through – the person answering the phone told me “you have great articles!” and knew how to spell the “g.r.o.k.” part of our name.  We chuckled over a couple of things – she took my info and affirmed again that it will be put through.

Yep, me and millions of Parents that have figured out that their School Board members are NOT their friends – nor friendly to their children, either.

Many of us have taken on those Board members over their Policies and decisions since we figured out what was really going on during the Pandemic.

Some of those discussions across the country got REALLY heated. Parents love their kids and they are not about to let complete strangers (in larger Districts) or town acquaintances despoil them in any manner opposite to Parental morality or world view. And when the Boards and Staff make it clear they didn’t care what Parents thought, the amplifier volume knob went up to 11. It’s still edging upward.

So, this past Monday, I got up and asked my School Board, given that I have taken them to task over this past year or so for taking on Powers that the NH State Legislature has not given them AND filed my lawsuit against them, I asked my School Board if they thought I was a Domestic Terrorist:

So, I asked my elected representatives on the Gilford School Board, after telling them what the NSBA had said:

Do you agree with the NSBA that we are domestic terrorists?

They just sat there.  I wasn’t surprised. Now, to be fair, Kyle Sanborn did complain that I had just stolen his thunder – he had seen a similar post and said it was disgusting how Parents were being portrayed.  Good on him.

I dryly note that that Chair Gretchen Gandini and Vice-Chair Karen Thurston just sat there.

Said nothing. These are folks that have known me for years. I guess that the Leftist phrase of “Silence is Complicity” says it all.

I, however, wasn’t content  with that. So Wednesday, I started the process of calling any other law enforcement / legal entities here in NH to see if they agreed with my School Board.  I started with the Belknap County Sheriff – Bill Wright.  Called the office and was immediately routed to the Sheriff. Response? My summary:

I was elected by the citizens of Belknap County and not the Federal Government. I follow the NH Constitution. The Feds can go pound sand if they think they can run over Belknap County. They can cut their Federal $$ but I and my deputies will not do their dirty work on masks and vaxxing and YOU are not a Terrorist!  Folks have a First Amendment Right to Free Speech and I will protect that!

I also congratulated him for running a couple of basic beginner firearm class during the conversation.

I called my town’s Chief of Police (he was out of the office) and am awaiting his response. I don’t think it will be a problem – he signed my NH Pistol / Revolver license.

I also tried to contact the State Police to ask Colonel Nathan Noyes this question.  I tried to find a Media/Press Inquiry page, phone number, or email address – and failed. So I started through all of their departments and finally settled on the Terrorism Intelligence department.  Seemed logical – if 80% of my School Board thinks I’m one due to just my dissent, I am one, right? If the NSBA thinks I am, and President Biden and US AG Garland are acting like I’m one, isn’t there the teensy bit of a chance that I am?

I will say that the gentleman who picked up the phone, once I told him who I was, that this was a GraniteGrok inquiry concerning this silliness, about being a Domestic Terrorist because of my lawsuit, he started chuckling as well. And harder when I mentioned the lawsuit.  He did tell me that while terrorists are that that Fusion center does, they don’t “do” questions like this and promised to have someone call me back.

And the next person did. Same reaction but promised to bring this up to leadership to get a statement created for this.  I have a task in the future to follow up.

Lastly was the NH Attorney General’s office of John Formella. Again, no easy way for the media, at least on their website, to ask a question. Call the Office of the Attorney General and all you get is an auto-attendant that basically says “no one is here to take your call and you can’t leave a voice mail either” and the “click”.  Great customer service, that.

So, I sent them an email:

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <Skip@granitegrok.com>
Sent: 10/7/2021 2:36:56 PM
Subject: A media Inquiry to the NH Attorney General concerning the US AG Garland’s Monday missive on Domestic Terrorism
Good afternoon,
As part of the NH Media since 2006, a number of our readers are concerned about US Attorney General Merrick Garland’s guidance that was the result of the National School Board Association request to President Biden to have Federal law enforcement involved with local school boards when confronted by Parents and other interested citizens about said Board’s policies and decisions. The NSBA said that these people were “domestic terrorists” and should be treated as such. AG Garland’s guidance made it clear that the he is instructing law enforcement and legal entities from the Federal level down to the local levels to get involved with this issue.
Question 1: (as a media person – GraniteGrok’s online reach dwarfs that of the Union Leader): will the NH Attorney General be actively engaged with US AG Garland in this effort or is the response from this office one of “this is a Federal problem, not ours, and we will not be involved unless there are real acts of crime / violence that have been committed?”.
Question 2: (as a NH based political activist) – I have already sued my local School Board in Gilford for not Following The Law in its written policies with no NH RSA (that I can find) giving them such Powers; I will let the Court system settle that question.
However, does the NH Attorney General accept the US Attorney General’s characterization of who is a Domestic Terrorist in this regard simply by such a person making their disagreements known to a local School Board?

Thank you for your time in this matter.


So, we’ll see what happens. I’ll also find out if trying to “hide in plain” site works as well.

So, are we to be worried about our status here? Are our politicians and appointed/employed bureaucrats going to defend this sovereign State against the bully that the Federal Government can be as Ann-Marie hopes?

Dunno. Let’s see what answers I get back.