Gilford School Board: Yes, You’re Being Sued. And Yes, I’m Serious. - Granite Grok

Gilford School Board: Yes, You’re Being Sued. And Yes, I’m Serious.

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Yep, they were warned (here, and here, ). And all over a completely avoidable issue: answer the dang questions! But no, with Chair Gretchen Gandini “guiding the silenced” these Elected Representatives who fancy themselves to be “School Board Members” that believe they are above the law just got a quick jerk on their choke chains:



Now, even though I didn’t have a camera trained on her, I watched Chair Gretchen Gandini through most of my announcement and background speechifying. And I thought she was smirking from time to time.

I wasn’t the only one, either. Several people came up to me to ask more about what was going on and they confirmed what I was seeing. One person said, “perhaps she thinks you really aren’t serious about this lawsuit.”

My response was “let her think that.”

This has been a typical reaction of most School Boards across the State – wait out those that are demanding answers. Superintendents advise them to be silent during meetings (just ask Ken Eyering what happened to the Super that told him to do just that!).

The NHSBA (NH School Board Association) “trains” them to do that.

There ought to be a law against that (I’m now smirking as I know something).

Or she thinks nothing is going to come of this.  Well, I’m betting there is one thing that will certainly happen (and continues to happen) that she has no or little clue about.  More on that later.

You know, there’s a reason why the phrase “don’t tick off a retired engineer; he’s got more time on his hands than you do and is smart enough to do something with it that you won’t like”.

Ayup – and by now, one of the Board’s lawyers (Mike Elwell, Diane Gorrow, or Gordan Graham (of Soule, Leslie, Kidder, Sayward & Loughman, PLLC) should be in receipt of both the complaint and the Summons (I wonder if it is that Gretchen doesn’t think it’s “live” until she’s been served? My lawyer says that will be imminent).

And given that the majority of the meeting was taken up by parents who wanted to keep the Mask Optional Policy (i.e, PARENTS making the decisions for their children) in place versus those that wanted it changed to Mask Mandatory (i.e., GOVERNMENT knows what’s best for you children), I went back for my third bite at the apple (#2 is above – the first one will be another post), I decided to ask the important question: