Positive COVID Case Outcomes Pre-Vaccine (Last December) Compared to Post-Vaccine (Today!). - Granite Grok

Positive COVID Case Outcomes Pre-Vaccine (Last December) Compared to Post-Vaccine (Today!).

Covid shot one and two - shots of liquor

In early December 2020, pre-vaccine, people were losing their minds. We had a peak positive test COVID event in NH, so ‘Grok crunched the State’s data, and the news was actually quite good. But no one was reporting it.

Today is not much different.

The reporting focuses on fear and intimidation. Positive COVID outcomes in the data do not see the ‘mainstream’ light of day. And we’re here trying to lift the veil, this time with a twist.

We have the old data and the new, so can we see if the vaccine tyranny made things better? 

Let’s look at the public health outcomes before vaccination and then how things look post-vaccine hysteria.

The Old Fear

By mid-December 2020, the grim reapers in the media had been milking the positive case spike in the previous weeks for all the clicks and eyeballs they could. We looked at the data and said, well, take a look. (Here’s the relevant NH Covid Summary for this data.)


NH COVIDNH COVID 12-17-20 Survival Rate 12-17-20 Survival Rate v2
NH COVID 12-17-20 Survival Rate


We even waited a few more weeks ‘cuz they said so, and here’s where we were then. (covid case summary data).



Somehow, with no vaccine, your odds of being hospitalized or dying improved during peak positive COVID. Crazy, right. And yes, that trend continued, more or less, until we got the magic COVID juice that would allow a return to normal™.

People lined up and what happened. Here’s the latest data from a few days ago.


NH Covid data chart 9-27-21 partial
NH Covid data chart 9-27-21
NH Covid data chart 9-27-21
NH Covid data chart 9-27-21


Did you see that? Your odds of dying from COVID, while still obscenely small (except for those over 70), actually went up post-vaccine for every age group in NH except 0-19 (zero deaths, no change).

And these numbers do not include anyone who was hospitalized or died from the vaccine. A truth we tried to unearth here.




We found 3,018 reported adverse reactions in New Hampshire, 297 of them severe, with 55 vaccine-related deaths (so far). For what?

Nothing, probably, and while I still maintain there are few if any reasons to get The Jab™, and plenty of safer, less invasive treatments, we will continue to leave that decision (either way) up to you.

But the data is not in its favor.