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Democrats Will Have to Blame Trump… He Made Them Vote for Biden!

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Joe Biden ran for president on several occasions. His best year before 2020 was four percent. That’s four percent of Democrat primary voters. Almost no one wanted that guy.

A trend that never stopped.

Obama, the junior Senator from Illinois, with almost no experience, got saddled with Biden as his VP to shore up his electability. Barry didn’t know much, but Joe’s been around the block a time or two. It turns out they were talking about ‘with’ Tara Reade and who knows how many others, but politically, Barry was green. What we learned was that Obama still knew more than Joe which isn’t a compliment.

To stay on point, Barry didn’t want Joe either. Having him around for eight years only affirmed that feeling and the Bidens and Obamas are not close.

Teleport to 2020 and the rogue’s gallery of losers who lined up to challenge Donald Trump. Biden, despite all the scandal, the pay to play, the quid pro quo, became the party standard-bearer, at least until sundown.

He’s got more baggage than a Southwest flight if you can find one, and yet he was the guy the figured they could steal an election and push over the finish line. And they were so sure it didn’t matter anymore that they picked Kamala Harris as his VP.

Talk about a string of bad decisions.

Without COVID fraud and mail fraud, Joe would still be in his basement. Democrats don’t like him.

They don’t trust him. They never have.

Biden is the beneficiary of what many (and mainly the left) consider the lesser of two evils except that they picked the wrong one and someone has to take the blame.

The country is a wreck and getting worse. Even Democrats are impacted. Soaring inflation, out-of-control spending, devaluing the dollar, declining national defense, and world opinion are all colliding the wrong way. Every policy Dems are told to hold dear has shown up, and the reality is not what they were promised.

Open borders chaos, boys committing sexual assaults in girls’ bathrooms, no cops means more crime. Disease, poverty, it’s all bad. It’s everything we ever said they’d accomplish. They are making the nation look increasingly like one of their urban plantations.

People with those stupid yard signs that begin with “In My America” may find themselves using the tines to defend themselves because while millions of us were buying guns and ammo, they were lifting their noses and demanding we be disarmed.

It’s hard to rob a gun owner’s home with a yard sign, although maybe not so much with that one. Just show it to them and while they are laughing too hard to breathe, try to steal some of their stuff.

Warning. You might get shot.

Dems are going to be miserable. Not “I’m told this is an angry tweet” miserable, I mean down to your core miserable.

Someone will have to take the heat for that, and it can’t be a Democrat.


My guess is that they will blame Trump. He made them vote for Biden.

Democrats never take credit for their real successes. The real-world result of their policies played out before us. They tell you what they want but lie about what will happen if they get it.

This is them getting it.

But it’s not too late. You can still not vote for the Democrat. Well, maybe not in Cheshire County, New Hampshire where the Dem just won a special election. Probably because Republicans didn’t think it would matter.

It does. They all do. Look around you.