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Question for The Gov. – Will You Allow Hospitals to Refuse to Treat the Unvaccinated?

No Vaxx no service

Governor Sununu, who wrote dozens of emergency executive orders imposing government force on private businesses, now says he can’t or won’t support protecting citizens from the will of private businesses concerning COVID19 policy, specifically vaccine mandates.

He won’t use the State to protect employees from mandatory pharmaceutical interventions. And yes, he’s pissed he didn’t get the 27 million in strings-attached Fed dollars to use the State to push vaccines on people. Actual Republicans stepped in to stop that.

But what if New Hampshire doctors, hospitals (or even insurers), refused service to the unvaccinated?

The Cleveland Clinic will no longer perform organ transplants unless both donor and recipient are Vaccinated for COVID19.

That’s the first step in a dangerous direction, especially when this all began as an exercise in protecting public health. COVID vaccines started that way and escalated to mandates that harm the public health machinery (and therefore public health) to the silence of Democrats and a few Republicans like Sununu.

Nurses and doctors who refuse the Jab are getting fired. They’ve gone from Frontline Health Care Hero to back of the line zero. One political narrative overtakes another, undermining the very thing it claimed to advance all along.

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We never believed it, especially when his excellency said, “public health trumps everything.” The optics/politics is what trumps everything, eh, Governor Sununu? Oh, and big checks from the feds no matter what the risk.

So, I expect others to follow the Cleveland Clinic example and for the latter to expand on that prohibition. Just how far that is allowed to go depends on whether the government protects its citizens from this discrimination.

So we put you to the question. Gov. Sununu, how much “public health” are you willing to let private businesses (hospitals) restrict to the vaccinated? Organ transplants, cancer treatments, cardiovascular surgery, emergency care? Where’s the Sununu redline?

And to NH Hospitals. Are you considering restricting any procedure based on COVID vaccination status? Is anyone in administration talking about this?

And while I’m on the subject, should we be concerned about Insurers refusing to cover procedures or to cover the cost or other drugs if you are unvaccinated?

Some on the left closer to you on this issue than most Republicans have suggested blanket prohibitions on shopping so, how about stopping electric or internet service? Are there any limits? Once you’ve abandoned individual liberty and bodily integrity the sky’s the limit?

Is any of that discrimination a bridge too far, Governor?

Before you answer, remember that a majority of Black Americans are vaccine-hesitant. You are already unwilling to protect their jobs, careers, livelihood, but how about their lives? How about anyone’s life? Does the State have any interest in that sort of discrimination?

Does your State or your Governor?