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Promoted from the Comments – Are creating City-States the way to go on splitting the Country?

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Both EdMosca and I commented on the same poll but from different aspects of it:

However, it was one of the comments from his post that caught eye and I thought it needed a bit more play. From Commenter OldNHMan:

I’m not sure separating by states is the right method of ‘dividing’ this nation. Looking at the county electoral map of the couple of elections, one sees islands of blue in a ocean of red. Why would we want to abandon those in that sea of red encompassed in a blue state to a fate worse than death?

It would be better for those bastions of Blue Think to become modern day City-States. The Progressives will have their fiefdoms of like-minded woke socialists/communists/antifa/anarchists. The rest of us will still have our United States, a nation bound by the U.S. Constitution, where federalism is the rule and not something ignored by Progressives. One-size-fits-all solutions to regional problems will be a thing of the past rather than the ‘answer’ to problems that don’t exist.

He’s right, of course. Gun crime is essentially that of urban areas by gangbangers that politicians and judges basically ignore when the rest of us have little to none of the same Culture / Behavior problems they do. Yet, they want to strip us law-abiding folks of our guns because they can’t control their own criminals. Think of:

Boston in Massachusetts (although the Western part can be fairly Progressive as well)

  • New York City vs upstate New York State
  • Chicago versus the rest of Illinois
  • Seattle vs a lot of Washington
  • Hawaii vs….oh, never mind, bad example.
  • Detroit vs Michigan
  • Philadelphia / Pittsburgh vs Pennsylvania
  • Austin/San Antonio vs Texas

The point OldNHMan makes that we really seeing a self-segregation of extremely Progressive / Socialist / Welfare Statist urban areas :

Red vs Blue by Counties

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While there are States that really are Blue (like Vermont), most States are majority counties red. However, it IS the fact that urban areas are much densely populated and numerically swamp the suburban and rural areas when it comes to election results at the State and Federal levels. In those locations where the Blue counties are really urban areas (e.g., NYC, LA, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Seattle, and others), letting them isolate into their own countries would be fine by me.


Who cares. Again, capitalism is voluntary and remember, the New America would have a lot of stuff that they’d need, too.

And unlike what the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy seems to be writing lately, an Economy, while a major component, is NOT the end all / be all of live. QUALITY of Life is paramount and a bigger component of that is the protection of our Rights and deciding how and where we decide to live our lives. Let those nascent City/States decide for themselves.

OldNHMan is right – this would stop them from TELLING the rest of us will live our lives by swamping the State and Federal elected offices.

It’s the age old problem – the Tyranny of the Majority. Or in this case of the Biden Administration, the Tyranny of about 45,000 votes – the margins of the (alleged) votes in the battleground states that Biden thinks that he and the Democrats have a mandate to totally upset everyone else’s applecarts and lives.

Instead of just tending to the few enumerated Powers of the Federal Government, “faithfully executing” the laws we all ready have, and leaving the rest of us along.