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Letters the Laconia Daily Sun Won’t Print?

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Rick Notkin hit the nail on the head with his review of Newspeak delivered by the neo-Marxists. Limited to 500 words (where it was printed in a local ‘news’paper) he probably couldn’t squeeze in the contradictory term; social distancing. Of course, there is nothing social about separating people from one another.

In fact, it is anti-social.

Dividing people against each other is clearly the goal of those pushing the world toward The Great Reset. The goal is dehumanization. One of their tools is the push for masking.

As Notkin points out masks can be useful in certain situations, but universal face covering with nasty rags is not effective at stopping disease. Masking is a good way of creating others. How long will it be before the ‘unwashed’ (unvaccinated) are given gold stars for their resistance?

The propagandists like the term vaccine hesitancy, used as if those labeled as such are pausing to consider taking the experimental injection. There is no hesitancy, only a full rejection of a mainly useless, possibly dangerous, poorly tested product for which the manufacturer has no liability. Top it off with the fact that the public will be paying the bill for the injuries caused by the jab.

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Dear Leader has promised us a Dark Winter from which he will Build Back Better. As our days are getting shorter here in the north, I’ll share a piece of universally accepted truth. One of the easiest ways to avoid the worst outcomes of COVID19 is to assure you are not deficient in vitamin D. Yes, even Mr. Science (Fauci) quietly recommends taking vitamin D. It is not a magic bullet, just one way to support your immune system.

I’m not qualified to give medical advice, so I won’t. Little has been published in the local paper to suggest ways to improve your odds in this fight over the past year, yet there has been great information available. I suggest you go find the Marik Protocol (Developed by Professor Paul Merik, Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Eastern Virginia Medical School) so you can spare yourself and your family from more suffering.


Note: It appears that Eastern Virginia Medical School may have misplaced their copy of the Marik Protocol down the memory hole.