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2022 Shaping Up to be a Wave Election in New Hampshire … A BLUE Wave

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Following a Presidential election, the Party out of power is supposed to win … or at least perform better than expected … in “special elections.” We have seen that happening everywhere across the country … EXCEPT in New Hampshire.

The NHGOP lost a special election in BEDFORD … A Post-Mortem on the Bedford Special Election … a town that is supposed to epitomize the Bush/McCain/Romney/Sununu vision of Republicanism. And the NHGOP just got wiped out in a special election in Leftist Cheshire County:

To make it clear to the bitter-clingers denying the reality that New Hampshire is becoming bluer and bluer under Sun-King Sununu … I am NOT saying the GOP should have won this Cheshire special election. I am saying that the GOP should have made a better showing than in 2020, that the Democrats should have had to break a sweat … because THAT is traditionally what happens in off-years (see above) and is what is happening practically everywhere else. Here are the 2020 results, which show that did NOT happen:

Indeed, on a percentage basis the GOP did better … MUCH BETTER … in 2020 than 2021.

GOP voters in New Hampshire appear to be far less motivated than their Communist counterparts. It appears that woke-corporatism of Sun-King Sununu and the NHGOP-Nobility does not resonate with … and, in fact, is turning off … GOP voters.