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A Post-Mortem on the Bedford Special Election

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It was NOT supposed to turn out like this. The Party out of power is supposed to win special elections. BUT as Adam Trump-Voters-Are-White-Supremacists Sexton noted:

The result of the election will be challenged in a recount, but it is the first “flip” of a legislative seat from Republican to Democrat in the country this year.

OUCH! Especially when you consider that the winning candidate, Rombeau, was not even competitive in the 2020 general election:

So what went wrong?

NeverTrump talking-head Michael Graham, writing at NH Journal, articulated the Establishment’s worst nightmare … being pro-Sununu and anti-tax may no longer be enough:

Republicans ran a two-pronged campaign last year when they nearly swept Bedford and won control of the legislature. It can be summed up as, “We love Gov. Chris Sununu and hate taxes.” And it worked.

But Tuesday night, it wasn’t enough. While Democrats outspent Republicans, the NHGOP and its allies like Americans for Prosperity had enough money to get out their anti-tax-hike, pro-Sununu message.

Let me suggest two obvious reasons why Republicans may not have turned out.

We now have a much better picture of the scope and depth of voter fraud in the 2020 election. And we have also seen the Democrats and their allies do all in their power to prevent the audits and investigations … which of course raises the proverbial “if they have nothing to hide, then why are they hiding it”  question. This includes the so-called “Windham audit,” which did nothing to create confidence in the accuracy and security of New Hampshire elections. Indeed, it had the opposite effect because it was obviously a sham.

To cut to the chase, why invest the time and effort in voting, if you are not confident that your vote will count? All it would have taken is thirty-eight Republican voters to have lost confidence n the system to swing the election to the Democrat.

The second reason is the GOP message:

AFP-NH state director Greg Moore said before the election that his organization’s efforts would focus on the message that Camarota is a “strong taxpayer defender” committed to “protecting our New Hampshire Advantage and strengthening our economy.”

America is disappearing in front of our very eyes and the Koch group is seemingly oblivious. Perhaps voters are more concerned … MUCH MORE CONCERNED … about America becoming a Medical-Security-State than they are with New Hampshire having the lowest business tax rates in the Northeast?  Perhaps they worry about losing their jobs and being excluded from society because they won’t inject an experimental drug into their bodies more than they do about corporate profits?

Perhaps voters are more concerned with the millions (on an annual basis) of illegals streaming across the Mexican border, whom Biden is dispersing across America in order to negate Republican votes, than they are with the Interest-and-Dividends tax rate?

Perhaps voters see that poisonous propaganda euphemistically called Critical Race Theory that is permeating all our schools and indeed all of our institutions as far more of a threat to the New Hampshire advantage than the purely hypothetical threat of a State income tax?

I could go on … but I trust you get my point.