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Fight Back Against the Pro-Abortion Lobby’s Lies

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With the passing of Texas’s new heartbeat law earlier this week that bans abortion after six weeks, the radical abortion lobby in New Hampshire has seized the opportunity to continue beating the drum of abortion fear-mongering.

They have even gone so far as to compare the NH GOP to Taliban terrorists in an attempt to paint New Hampshire Republicans, in particular those who are pro-life, as extremists, who care little for civil liberties or women’s rights.

In that unfair and extreme light they have portrayed NH’s recent limits on abortions after 24 weeks as a draconian measure meant to suppress women. Their claims are consistently a mix of half-truths, mischaracterizations, and outright lies.

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In response to these accusations, our Executive Director, Shannon McGinley has said:

“New Hampshire’s new law is a groundbreaking change, but only because it takes us from allowing abortion up to birth for any reason to finally having a modest ban on extremely late-term abortions. The fact is that it does not stop or even inconvenience the vast majority of abortions.”

Here is the truth. New Hampshire is not Texas, and this is not a heartbeat law. Our new law would have been perfectly normal in a state like Massachusetts or New York only a few years ago, before pro-abortion extremism became the sole acceptable position in the Democratic Party. The ultrasound requirement in our new law is also the most modest in the entire country.

New Hampshire’s new law also has nothing at all to do with the legal debate around the Texas law. While there’s no doubt Texas is deliberately pushing the envelope, our law was written within the legal framework laid out in Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

If anything, when we look at New Hampshire in the context of the Texas debate, Democrats should feel embarrassed. A large state has just enacted a 6-week abortion ban, while Democrats in New Hampshire are screaming bloody murder and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars opposing an abortion ban at 24 weeks, which is at 6 months of pregnancy.”

Unfortunately, the left’s lies and scare tactics are working, causing some Republicans to waver in their support for the Fetal Life Protection Act. Some have even gone so far as to begin actively considering introducing legislation next session to repeal or gut the Act, rendering it meaningless and unenforceable, leaving preborn babies with little more protection than they had before.

This is why YOUR voice is needed. It is time to stand up against the lies and fear-mongering of those who oppose common sense protections for the preborn in our state. Let your GOP representatives know that you stand strongly for life and that you do not support any weakening based on bullying tactics.


Email or call your GOP Reps and tell them they need to stand by the Fetal Life Protection Act and against any efforts to weaken it.

Spread the word. Forward this email to five like-minded friends in your district and ask them to use their voices in defense of the preborn!