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Several years ago, during a Presidential Primary, I, along with two other men both younger than myself, were in Dover, New Hampshire, with a reporter doing an interview over lunch.  The reporter asked me, “what is it that you are looking for in a candidate?”

I asked if we could hear the younger men’s answers before I shared mine. I did this to see what truly was of most importance to these young men.  Their answers were, as I recall, about the candidates’ position on the economy and healthcare.

After they answered and the reporter questioned them further on their choices, I responded that what I was looking for in a candidate was integrity. I explained that regardless of what a candidate promises or tells us, nothing else matters if the candidate does not have integrity.

I went further to explain that the candidate is then not to be trusted to tell us the truth, and without that, what do we have?

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That interview comes to mind quite often as I listen to our Congress and President Biden.  The truth seems to be the main casualty when they speak.

The question is, why do we allow such people to be elected?

Our military prepares to leave Afghanistan in what can only be called a rout caused by our President, his staff, intelligence agencies leadership, military leadership, and the major media.  Our soldiers and Marines on the ground aren’t running. They are being ordered to abandon our Allies and even some American Citizens, leaving them to the Taliban butchers to be executed when we leave.

There is something else America is leaving in Afghanistan, and that is respect for our Nation.  I’m curious if the Taliban will televise the executions of those “stranded” in Afghanistan or try to keep it from the world.  If our Media feels ashamed for putting Biden in office, they will change the coverage from Afghanistan to the latest virus mutation.

America has never in my life looked so weak as a Nation, and our enemies see it as well.  Taiwan should be very nervous right now with China pounding it’s Communist chest.

Strangely it seemed that President Biden didn’t reach out to the Cuban protesting against Communism, nor did he with those in Iran or Hong Kong.  Now he as Commander in Chief abandons our Allies in NATO and Afghanistan.

Just a note that the Vice President of Afghanistan is leading a group of soldiers in a battle against the Taliban as of this moment without any American aid.  They haven’t all given up like our President and his Administration.

We see a pattern of weakness with President Biden and his Administration and of disloyalty. This while he and the Democrats bully Americans who chose not to take the vaccine or wear a mask. He encourages tyrannical behavior out of Mayors and Governors to force the “resistors” to be obedient, and he has no qualms about calling us names. At the same time, he is respectful of America’s enemies like the Taliban. A petty tyrant is what he is and nothing more, and we have him because of dishonesty and corrupt Media.

We shouldn’t worry as football season is coming up, which is really important to our Nation.  This will keep our minds off of the throats of our former allies being cut in Afghanistan.

We will force ourselves to forget the scenes like the men dressed in orange on their knees at the beach getting their throats cut or drowned in a cage.

The Media will help us forget as they investigate a Republican Congressman not wearing a mask, thereby risking American lives.

“The land of the free and the home of the brave” so goes the song, and I really mean it “so goes.”