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Hoping Someone Can Spot the Differences between Biden, Trump

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Now, lemme get this straight. You put de lime in the coconut… Oh sorry, wrong point. When then-Vice President Biden bragged in an interview that the Obama administration would withhold billions in aid unless the Ukrainian government fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden, that was cool.

When then-President Trump asked then-President Zelensky of Ukraine to follow through on a corruption investigation of a certain energy company, that was an impeachable offense.

Now President Biden had asked then-President Ghani to “understate” the situation in Afghanistan in return for military aid, and it’s cool again.
Can anyone help me understand the differences here? I’ll wait.

While I’m here, would Bob Valencia (8/27 LTE, Daily Sun) please dial down the hyperbole regarding Dawn Johnson? She “never truly apologized,” you say? Have you a means to measure her apology’s sincerity?

A point of information for Len Campbell (8/24, LTE to the Daily Sun) and his comments on medical insurance rates: smokers and heavy drinkers already pay more than those who abstain. Drivers with multiple moving violations also pay more for auto insurance.

I see that a proud Boys leader (8/24, Daily Sun) is being sentenced for burning a BLM banner. How is that worthy of jail time when burning actual stores don’t seem to rate?

Mike Luckovich’s (always?) insightful cartoon (8/23, Daily Sun) has George W. Bush painting Uncle Sam into a corner in Afghanistan. I would posit that 2,500 US troops suffering no combat deaths in 18 months hardly qualifies. It is President Biden’s kowtowing to the Taliban’s arbitrary exit deadline and then his implementation of a disastrous plan into operation is why we’re seeing what we’re seeing. Disgusting.

A special thanks to Professor E. Scott Cracraft (9/8, LTE) for sharing his (and others’) fantasy of a totalitarian State with regards to the COVID pandemic. Hopefully, the gulags will have cable and WiFi.

In closing, with the contradictory information regarding various masks, whether the vaccines are real or not or effective or not, lockdowns, social distancing, testing, and contagion potential, is it a wonder why people can’t make up their minds?

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