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Go East, Go East

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Beautiful sunny California, formerly the land of idyllic dreams, has clean broad avenues and boulevards in sparkling cities by the sea. Now, however, anyone can sense the rise of the politically correct Leftism in those great cities are becoming homes to the hovels of the homeless, acts of defecation and urinations on sidewalks and streets, and the smell of filth and decay overwhelming.

Gangs of thieves raid and loot stores and businesses with abandon as there is no fear of obstruction by police or government officials. Drug needles litter beaches and parks while the Left screams its demands for environmental responsibility. Terrifying drug gangs have carved out and rule large sections and call for defunding police.

No wonder people are going East in getting out as fast or best they can. Somehow the Socialist paradise is just not living up to expectations – go figure! Hey, and you thought we had problems? Now the question in my mind is have all those who have left learned from this disaster or are they just going to continue the habit of voting for anyone with a D besides the candidate’s name?

I’m asking this of our local Democrats, too, as they must be, at some level, aware of the Left’s massive failures their policies are creating? If not, likely it will not be long before it forcefully sinks in.

I am assuming there are still American loving Democrats who have become rather disenchanted with the current optics and political correctness of Party leaders? If so, and if they can’t quite put their finger on the problem, let me give them a hint. No real Democrat is in any position of leadership or power in what used to be your Party. Those in control are Marxists, AKA Communists. Yes, they are;  just compare a Communist manifesto with your Party’s political platform and practices. Amazing how much alike. They are alike, in fact, except for a few words and phrases here and there.  Go see for yourselves. Better yet just look West.

While you’re looking around, how about south to DC where all their tactics, very totalitarian like mandates, are coming like monsoon rains. Typical Marxist tactics, they attack your Rights starting with the right to chose, free speech, religion (unless a religion votes D ), law and order (Police), and then excuse or even support violent terrorists (domestic and foreign) and release violent criminals from prisons.

Have we ever seen such a run of bad or insane decisions coming from anyone else? The denial of reality and reason is staggering. Wrong is right and right is now wrong. Follow only politically correct, connivant science, and to heck with common sense.

Now I will remind all who have forgotten, no Marxist Socialist nation has ever thrived. None have ever created the promised equality they promise.

None has ever been peacefully transitioned back from its totalitarian existence.