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Is It Time Change Tactics with the Gilford School Board?

Gilford School District 3

It will be a year next month that I’ve been trying to get my School Board to acknowledge that their Policy JBAB is out of compliance with both the NH Constitution and NH’s Laws (RSAs).

I’ve asked questions by email, I’ve asked questions in person. I’ve sent in numerous Right To Know demands.

All to no avail.

I’m generally a patient man (unless someone decided to deliberately punch one of my very few buttons I don’t have complete control over even at this stage of my life) but patience only goes for just so long.

The Gilford School Board seems to be typical of such entities in the State as Critical Race Theory controversies explode across our fruited plains as well. In every case, it seems that these types of Elected Representatives (and the Edu-Pro’s that seem to have “captured” them, the local unions trying to control them, and the national unions trying to co-opt them) have all decided that they don’t have to be and act like normal elected representatives that make themselves open, accessible, and transparent to their constituents.

So, I sent this out this morning.

I think we all know the nuance behind “compel,” don’t we?

Am I right in doing so? Or was I wrong in waiting this long?

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
Sent: 7/21/2021 5:13:51 AM
Subject: Re[2]: RTK
It has been almost three weeks since I sent the below email. 
The only thing I can now assume, in trying to seeking redress since last August from my elected Representatives, is that it is the official stance of the Gilford School Board is to refuse to answer these rather simple questions that pertain to serious and obvious Constitutional and State Statute violations.
Let me now add just one more question: do I now have to start to change my “gentle and long patient” tactics to ones that will compel you to answer these questions?

An answer to that question is requested. However, in lieu of answering that new question, if the Board quickly decides to honestly answer my  yet-unanswered questions below, I will withdraw the question above.

Be warned – my patience has grown nanometers thin; remember what I said when you brought this whole issue upon Gilford and I warned you even back then.


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