These Are Terribly Trying Times. - Granite Grok

These Are Terribly Trying Times.

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Faced with a ruthless enemy bent on our destruction, we either stand and fight or cut and run hoping that the enemy will not pursue us to our grave. We no longer can co-exist——live-and-let-live with Marxist-Democrats any more than the suicidal—genocidal Islamofascists with nuclear weapons.

The present mess in Iraq & Afghanistan is bad enough.

Perhaps mistakes were made. Perhaps we should not have invaded the country. Perhaps we should have kept up the terribly costly flights over Saddam to keep him in his cage. Perhaps we should have taken our chances with the French and the Russians who were ruthlessly working to end Iraq’s embargo to enrich themselves from ill-begotten with Hitlerian Saddam. Perhaps we should have ignored all reports that Saddam had stockpiles of WMD.

All this hindsight was not at hand, unfortunately, when the decision was made.

Both Marxist-Democrats at home and Islamofascists abroad want to keep the power at all costs. Unfortunately, the Marxist-Democrats, under the pretense of Chinese virus hysteria, implemented a national, orchestrated drive to relax accountability in the voting process, and allowed massive mail-in ballots to pour in, which they evidently exploited with massive voter fraud that enabled them to flip a lopsided presidential election.

Currently, America is at its weakest point.

Americans have an illegitimate President and a federal government that has proven itself to be harsh to its citizens; taking unconstitutional measures and issuing edicts that amount to nothing short of federally mandated self-destruction. These are terribly trying times.

Free people must decide their priorities with foresight and wisdom and shy away from shortsighted simplistic solutions. It is by far more prudent to face the implacable Democrats and Islamofascists on the march now than to cut and run.

We, Americans, greatly cherish freedom, perhaps more than other nations. We must be reminded that freedom is not free. Anyone or any party that promises otherwise is either a fool or a charlatan.