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Progressives in MA Wants to Drag NH Back into the 18th Century

Electric car charging

California has set a goal of an all-electric car future despite its awful energy policy, rolling blackouts, and begging owners to charge EVs at night. But what About Massachusetts? They’ve made a similar leap, but they’re on the same grid as New Hampshire.


Governor Charlie Baker’s administration on Wednesday released a plan that will require the state to dramatically cut greenhouse-gas emissions in the next decade and beyond through a raft of changes, including by mandating that all new cars sold in the state be electric by 2035.


Here’s the plan. It is smoke and mirrors, and even the people burning their lips on the same crack pipe know it. We could easily upscale existing carbon sequestration systems and improve filtration for a fraction of the cost and bother.

Even Michael Moore knows it’s not achievable and a massive waste of resources we could put to better use, but Lefties continue to push the pipe dream, and a sucker is born every minute.

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They’ve got a plan, and they plan for the plan “to get got.”

Out west, well, we don’t much care what they do, but when it’s Massachusetts, it’s personal. New Hampshire energy policy spins on the fact that we’re stuck on the New England grid. So, what happens to our electric rates if EV Baker’s plan starts a build-out that will cost billions?

Like Obama, the Feds under Biden are borrowing billions to launder through many of the same hands that got rich during light-bringers solar boondoggles in the previous decade. Money for nothing, and why would this be any different? But even if every dime ended up on target; it’s not enough.

You have to completely retool the grid to carry the load, upgrade homes, offices, public spaces, and that’s before we move one electron. We also know that no math can meet the demand without nuclear, which is not even an option. It’s not even on the table.

That means the cost of an EV, even subsidized (you and I pay to scratch someone else’s itch), is not the biggest issue. Electric rates (that are almost as bad as California’s are now) will get more expensive.

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The EV pipe dream, a bad solution to a non-existent problem, will price middle and low-income families out of the 21st century. They won’t be able to afford their electric bills.

ISO New England is pretending we have enough juice (assuming the green dreams, offshore wind, and whatever other promises have been made at the expense of others?), but that’s not even close to true.

Most of California gets a lot more sunshine than we do, and there’s are not enough fields to clear for solar or hills to despoil with windmills to scratch the surface of modern living there before adding tens of thousands of cars.

The Northeast will be worse, and they know that, as we’ve noted before, and that exposes the real goal.

The “All-electric cars” by 2035 or 2050, or whatever it is, have nothing to do with evolving you into a next-gen mode of transportation. The goal is to make you dependent on the state for mobility.

Massachusetts wants to drag New Hampshire back into the 18th century and there’s not a hell of a lot we can do about it if they push this plan forward with any measure of determination.

Success is impossible but failure and unintended consequences are eminently achievable. And they could care less if they take us down this rabbit hole with them.