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Notable Quote – Minimum Wage Laws are Raaacist!

Prof Sowell points out yet again the same phrase that Conservatives bring out over and over – Progressives believe in good intentions but care less about actual results.

Black teenage unemployment in 1978 was more than five times what it had been thirty years earlier. Among the factors responsible, a number of government programs – notably the minimum wage laws – have made it more difficult for blacks to find jobs, and other government programs – notably welfare – have made it less necessary.

-Prof Thomas Sowell (Ethnic America: A History)


In today’s environment as Progressives, especially here in NH, want minimum wages to rise to $15/hour. They don’t CARE that the marketplace, in many industries, has already surpassed that wage. They just can’t stand that Government is using it’s Hand to guide the economy and to force what they believe is “right” even though they have no skin in the game as far as paying that wage.

Sowell points out that not only doesn’t such a policy work for those it is intended to but actually discriminates against Blacks. Actually, truth be told, it just discriminates against EVERYONE at the bottom of the wage ladder as the proposed minimum wage rates by Progressives far outstrip the economic worth of those entry level jobs.

Yet, they persist. In Stupidity.

We’re seeing automation in many areas of what used to be entry level positions because Government has made, if I may paraphrase of a well known phrase of a few years ago, “Wages are too damn high”.

But Progressives just keep struttin’ around telling everyone how good they are.

And people go jobless because of it. Think of them as the new version of the Sadducees and Pharisees, pounding their chests in marketing themselves, appearing to be clean on the outside and black hearted on the inside.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)