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Media Challenge – Stop Fearmongering COVID and Try Some Balanced “Reporting”

Media Fear

If balanced “reporting” were an objective goal, the New Hampshire media would share more of the same stories we publish on our pages. Doctors, epidemiologists, and medical professionals are concerned about the approved narratives and treatments and the absence of viable alternatives.

We’ve shared the proscribed treatments and narratives in contrast to what these professionals recommend. Granted, it is through our conservatarian filter, but we’re upfront about that. No one is hiding their positions or pretending to be objective.

Can we say that about any other traditional media outlets in NH?

Take the Union Leader (UL). Its last foray with the word Ivermectin was in 2015, related to animals.

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Search Vitamin D, and you get an April 2021 Op-Ed claiming there’s no proof it helps. The same Op-Ed claims that,


The overriding truth is that the two leading vaccines, those from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, are more effective than almost any other against any disease. And, fortunately, after 210 million doses have been delivered to Americans so far, there have been no serious danger signals. Possible blood-clotting problems with the third, from Johnson & Johnson, are rare, publicly disclosed and properly investigated.


I don’t need to tell you that this has not aged well, not that readers of the Union Leader would know that.

Since publication, the CDC has discovered that these ‘Two Leading Vaccines” do not protect you from infection. They do not protect others from the spread of the virus if and when the vaccinated catch it. They want you to wear a mask, want to require it indoors, but no one is talking about how the recent case-Spikes are largely represented by people who have been vaccinated.

Richard Knox, from Sandwich, has not been back (or allowed back) to amend his remarks, and I cannot find evidence that the Union Leader has either.

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Meanwhile, in March of 2021, the Union Leader published a regular column from Doctors Oz and Roizen telling the peeps to beware of fraudulent COVID cures. Among the observations was this (emphasis mine).


 Lately they’ve (The FDA) gone after ones that claim their teletemperature reading devices can diagnose COVID-19 (they can’t) and others that push hyped-up vitamins as treatments and cures for the infection. We always say take a half a multivitamin twice a day along with extra vitamin D to get your blood level into the 50-80 ng/ml range. Stick with that.


Why would Oz and Roizen even mention vitamin D in the context of COVID the month before Richard Knox told us it wouldn’t help – and in exactly, the blood level Dr. Dan Stokes recommends, along with other doctors who have presented evidence it could help, unless it might?

Richard must have missed the paper that day but don’t pat the UL on the back. The only other reference you’ll find to Vitamin D is regarding bone health, and that’s good too, but there’s no obvious effort to pursue the debate about whether vitamin D3 supplements can help. That might take the edge of the fear.

And no one seems to want to ask why we’re having a Flu spike mid-summer in which large percentages of the vaccinated are getting sick.

The UL is not interested in reporting any connection between the case spikes and the vaccinated that I can find. If you want speculation, fearmongering, mask-promoting, and all that jazz, they’ve got that number.

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ABC affiliate WMUR has zero results for Ivermectin, Vitamin D, or reporting on spikes among the vaccinated.

Without looking, I can guess how the rest of the New Hampshire “media” has responded.

We’ve got room for scary daily click-bait infection numbers (which mean nothing), but not a word about how that doesn’t matter or any other evidence that challenges the vaccine/masking narratives.

News about simple, affordable treatments you can manage yourself or the science or data behind them, presented by medical professionals, must not be of interest to their readers.

Nor is Hydroxychloroquine.  You might as well use the word N-word or the C-word despite decades of evidence that this medication is a safe, effective, affordable treatment and available everywhere but here without a hassle.

If you search Israel at the UL, you get something about vaccine effectiveness waning – to promote the booster narrative. WMUR has nothing related to Israel and COVID.

Search “unvaccinated,” and you’ll get some hits.

I suppose it’s to be expected, but the Union Leader should consider changing change its tagline. There’s nothing so powerful as the truth unless you ignore it or refuse to print it.

Here’s a powerful truth that should be on the front page of every media outlet every day. Over 98% of people who test positive live, and most of them have no symptoms or light symptoms. Those under 65 have nearly a 100% chance of survival.

The only people who need to do much, if anything, are the obese, elderly, and those with high-risk comorbid conditions.

Stop fearmongering COVID or, if you can’t help yourself, at least start sharing the objective views of Medical and scientific professionals who challenge the government media orthodoxy.

That would be balanced reporting, and it might even help you close the growing gap in online traffic between all of you and us.