Domestic Terrorism: The Left's Jihadi Vaxx Plan Admits to Killing More Americans Than Died on 9-11 - Granite Grok

Domestic Terrorism: The Left’s Jihadi Vaxx Plan Admits to Killing More Americans Than Died on 9-11

Stew Peters - Peter McCullough

In a recent interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, Stew Peters observed that the Swine Flu Vaccine got yanked after  52 people died. The COVID inoculation has killed more people than the jihadis on 9/11. Me: so this is worse than terrorism?

Stew says three times as many, referencing the popular 12,313 number. A figure the CDC recently downgraded to 6076 (currently at 6279 and rising).

Attorney Thomas Renz says he has a whistleblower who says the number of dead is over 45,000.

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What to make of it?

Well, the government’s been lying about this business since day one. They have incentivized fear, monetized it, weaponized it, and used it to justify unconstitutional acts of tyranny. If, for some reason, their cure isn’t ensuring tranquility or the general welfare – quite the opposite – is it safe to assume they would lie about that as well?

The default position of a skeptical media (if we had one) would be to say yes and then find the truth. Instead, they are defending the deaths of (at least) 6000 Americans (so far) who were told they needed this thing, many of whom were healthy and never had the Wuhan Flu.

Let me rephrase that.

The government told them they needed it. It begged, pleaded, cajoled, pressured, intimidated, and in some cases bribed people. Folks lined up to do what the government said, and at least 6000 of them are dead as a result, probably a lot more.

Many of whom were never at serious risk. And the pressure campaigns continue and more will die.

After several Decades in Iraq, there are about 4,282 officially named dead Americans. Another 2753 in Afghanistan. The numbers were much smaller in the first decade of this century, but the news plastered them on the TV every chance they got.

The attacks on 9-11, which lead to those endless wars, claimed 2,977 lives.

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So, before the lying CDC tweaked its figures, more people had died from COVID19 shots in the first 7 months of 2021, and their response is that that number is a tiny percentage of total immunizations.

Do you know what’s smaller? The number of bullets fired by law-abiding gun owners injuring or killing someone (which includes all the actual criminals they shot in self-defense), so when can we expect the Left to bail on its gun ban fetish?

Never. Because the fetish isn’t about lives or violence, it’s about power. This is no different.

The same people telling you you need a vaccine, a passport, and a mask to leave your home get mad for daring to express concern about the Feds air-dopping untested or covid-infected non-English speaking illegal aliens into the interior of the country.

I can’t fly unvaccinated, but they get a free ride.

Public health’s got nothing to do with this. It’s all political, as is the Jab and the promised boosters and the mandates and the masks.

Least-worst-case, we’ve got over 6,200 covidvaxx-war-dead, killed by the thing they were told would protect them by a government that said the same and wants to inject more of us and re-inject those already jabbed.

Don’t trust them, and if my word’s not good enough check out this interview with Dr. McCullogh in which the medical professional and scientist states that this vaccine is killing people and we know it is.

Dr. McCullough’s LinkedIn Profile.