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Why Is “Anti-racist” Disney Being So Racist? Oh, Yeah – China

Disney Racist FI

For all those Leftists that get bent out of shape when China is “attacked” by those of us on the Right, take a gander. It’s one of our leading media companies that’s all Woke and Critical Race Theory.

Note the images on the right and the portrayal of the Black actors.  And then, on the left:


Racist Disney Star Wars


China IS racist and the Left says absolutely nothing. Companies like Nike have admitted that they are now companies for China (as opposed to being American companies).

So, why continue to patronize companies that have thrown away their American values for those of racist, Communist, Social Code Citizen Scores (by which GOVERNMENT determines your fate and lifestyle)?

And why didn’t Disney just say “No” in perpetuating the Chinese racism while it forces it’s employees to be “less White” and more “Anti-Racists”?

Oh yeah – the bucks.

Except in this case, it’s all about the Chinese yuan, isn’t it, Disney?

So why are the CRT lovers focusing their hatred towards China?  Is it really that hard?


(H/T: Caveman Circus)