The Windham Incident Audit Is Complete and Has Been Delivered to NH "Officials" [Update - Report Released] - Granite Grok

The Windham Incident Audit Is Complete and Has Been Delivered to NH “Officials” [Update – Report Released]


The no infamous Windham Audit has concluded. A long process searching for why a had recount produced 300 more votes for four Republican candidates and about 100 fewer votes for a Democrat.

We’ve had extensive coverage because one of the residents requesting the Audit, Ken Eyring, writes for us. He and another Grok supporter, Tom Murray, have been at the center of the process. From demanding an audit to working with State Senator Guida to get a law (SB43) passed to allow for the audit, to define its requirements, and wrangling legislators, all the way to finding audit monitors and Fold-Gate.

You can read it about all over the planet, but they got their information here, including reports no one else shared (pats self on back). And now the Audit is complete and has been submitted.

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Harri Hursti, Mark Lindeman, and Philip Stark have submitted their findings to “New Hampshire Officials.” We do not, however, know what was in it.

Those Officials, including Secretary of State Bill Gardner,  the member of the Ballot Law Commissions, and the AG, will review the report from Hursti, Lindman, and Stark and determine what and how to report them within 45 days.

That’s late August, but we’re not waiting. We already have people trying to pry details about the report out into the light. We’ll keep you posted on developments if and when they become available.


Update: The full 121-page forensic audit report has been released as a PDF. You may review it here or embedded below. I haven’t looked at it yet but we will dig in and take it in the coming days.


SB 43 Windham Forensic Audit