"Life is Hard for Logical People Right Now." - Granite Grok

“Life is Hard for Logical People Right Now.”

This is the sign youve been lookging for

@JacQueLine-64 is a gab user with over 11 thousand followers, and what I am about to share from her might be why. It’s called “Life is Hard for Logical People Right Now.”

As a primer, this is her GAB Bio:


Aussie Patriot & Proud Mum of 3
Proudly Bipolar & Proudly Defiant
DO NOT COMPLY – FIGHT #Communism #Marxism

“For far too long, the American Right has been a prisoner of the narrow ideology of passive resistance the Left has imposed on us. Sick of RINOs? Get involved in keeping them out of office. #MAGA isn’t a slogan. It’s resistance. The left doesn’t oppose evil. They are EVIL.”

#MAGA #FightBack #IStandWithTrump #Brexit


Yes, Dems and Libs and Progs will hate her, but, as she says, Do not comply, fight.  A woman after our own hearts. And a page crowded with fun stuff that would snap the average lib like a twig and melt the snowflakes. Feel free to browse and if you are on Gab, follow her. I did.


“Life is Hard for Logical People Right Now.”

I stumbled over this on iFunny and have no idea how old it is (if she wrote some or all of it or just shared it), but it feels like it applies to everything that has gone on over the past 16 months and everything we see before us. Things we’ve thought, said, even written, or commented about, but that we cannot allow to fade into history.

This is the world in which they expect us to live, and far too many people would do it again if asked. Not even told, but asked. So, here we go.


Life is hard for logical people


Yep is right, and we are the thing standing in the way. It is the liberty and freedom folks who are committed to driving outside the lines laid down by the left and their water carriers when science and logic tell us their path is a lie.

We are the defenders of natural rights, the new media militia, and the militia of old, ready to stand athwart history yelling stop.

The world has lost its mind, except for the Chinese who are using the opportunity to leverage advantages they’ve been expanding for years while we argue about whether “women” with penises can shower with the other girls in their locker rooms or compete in women’s sports. Important issues because they are tentacles of the illogical left, but the world is getting to be a more serious place, and we are less than ever in a position of strength.

Radical Isalm is waiting as well, to take from us whatever we give through indifference. And Russia seems forever keen on taking more as well.

Three cultures whose militant nature would actually solve those “social problems” via conquest and tyranny, but at a price, no one but the left would pay, and only then under the presumption that only their fingers were on the triggers of all the guns.

The illogical left is as stupid as they are illogical. Their foot soldiers would be second to be shot, after them if any part of our nation were conquered or, not long after, if the American left had its way. Right behind the intellectuals, scientists, lawyers, and actual dissidents.

History is not kind to those who let the emotional and illogical rule, but that is the Left, and that is their goal. It is up to us to get up and find a way to share the message, turn on the lights, and how the truth gets through the noise.

I’m not giving up, neither is @JacQueLine-64, and neither are you because you are here, with us. And we are glad for the company.