Lawmakers Want to Force Harvard to Divest from Fossil Fuels but Why Stop at Half-Measures? - Granite Grok

Lawmakers Want to Force Harvard to Divest from Fossil Fuels but Why Stop at Half-Measures?

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A group of distraught Dems in Massachusetts have discovered that the State Legislature has the constitutional authority to make changes at Harvard. The University. With an over 40-billion-dollar endowment, think of the possibilities.

I’m not suggesting Bay State legislators pilfer Harvard’s pockets, though they might have a word with whoever keeps giving them multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded government grants. But I can see them wanting to do a cash grab. A few billion buys a lot of influence. And it is someone else’s money.

A giant candy-apple red button begging to be “pushed.”

But there’s always more than one button, and the dingbats have decided to push this.


Massachusetts state lawmakers Erika Uyterhoeven (D-MA) and Mike Connolly (D-MA) introduced HD4016, which aims to make Harvard University divest from fossil fuels.“

No governing body of Harvard college [sic] shall directly or indirectly invest of the funds of the college, by holding stock, security, equity, asset or other obligation of a corporation or company, in an entity that produces fossil fuels, including coal, coke, distillate oil, residual oil, used oil fuel or natural or manufactured gas,” the bill reads.


And it’s not because they are tired of Harvard adding to its billions with the help of a diversified portfolio. They think this will somehow slow or stop global warming. But if that’s true, why only go halfway? Why not just ban fossil fuels from Harvard altogether?

Progress Through Regression

Massachusetts created Harvard in 1642 and affirmed an obligation to meddle in perpetuity in 1780 when it drafted the state constitution. It has, according to reports, only done so 11 times so of course, they will do it again? But if the situation with the planet is so dire that government force is required, why not tell Harvard to live like it’s 1780?

That’s not far from where our domestic uber-green brownshirts want to take us with deals new, green, or otherwise.

That’s right, no more Pahking the Kah in Hahvahd Yod (parking the car in Harvard Yard).

The various department heads will have to fantasize about climate “forcing” caused by their pre (or is that post) industrial horse emissions – the most viable form of transportation left to them.

Or how cattle tilling the earth to make feed for their steeds might deepen the consensus. In what? How much better life was before Marxist-Hippies, who could no longer afford to follow the Grateful Dead, took over the academy and invented Global Warming.

Or how they might want to move the campus to China, where they open dirty coal plants every week to sustain their massive industrial-military buildup while pandering to UN plans to set America back two centuries.

Or they could wait.

At this rate, China will be running Massachusetts (some might argue that it already is), and therefore Harvard, and they will make Fossil Fuels Great Again. No, not like the Trump Administration, which opened up exploration but kept the safety and air quality requirements. Like Communists who don’t care about “a few” particulates in the air.

What they do care about is bunched-panty ‘intellectuals’ whining about the air quality or recently disappeared colleagues. But look at the bright side if you can see it through the socialist smog. Harvard will have been divested of just about everything (Freedom, Free Speech, private property), including their investments in fossil fuels.