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Progressives didn’t get rid of Racism – They Just Changed Its Definition

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Progressives changed the definition of racism, just like themselves. Socialists to Progressives to Liberals and back to Progressives. The same shopworn ideas under a new label. But with racism? Well now, they’ve actually changed what it is.

And we are all expected to bow down to that.


Racists Make A Comeback With All New Ways To Be Racist!


Funny how this works! And the Real Racists only have to follow the Democrat Progressive lead…with Critical Race Theory!

Or is that behind? After all, it was the Democrats that spawned the Klu Klux Klahn and the Jim Crow laws? And now the Dems are spinning everything!

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Isn’t that right, Ray Buckley (chair of the New Hampshire Democrat State Party)? Everything that used to be bad is now good and everything that used to be good is now bad.

Just like their Agenda…funny how those two things happened at the same time.

(H/T: Babylon Bee)