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Notable Quote – It’s always about the Govt Overreach

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Why is it that when someone has a “bright idea,” they never want to spend their own money? They want the rest of us (taxpayers) to do it for them?

The Chair of the School Board wanted to build a huge football stadium in the center of our iconic “Town fields.”

He admitted it was to “Keep up with Laconia” and that the study would only cost the town $63,000. I told him that with the number of people he had on his petition (all “people of means”), it would cost them about $1700 each – put YOUR  money where your mouth is and leave the money the rest of us have alone.

The petition warrant went down in a flaming heap of goo. That fits right along with this:


A government bureaucracy, which can dispense its goods or services below cost – including at zero price, in some cases – can always demonstrate a large “need” for its output, and therefore a “justification” for a large staff and budget.

-Prof Thomas Sowell (Knowledge and Decisions)


There is both the eternal (and I DO mean eternal) struggle for every Governmental agency to self-justify its existence. After all, have you ever known one to clap its hands together and go “yep, fixed it? Close up shop and we’re going home for good!”

No, me either.

Instead, there are always more “needs” to be found. Like right now – why is it a mission for Government Schools to be feeding my kids throughout the summer?

Why is it the mission of Government Schools to even be serving breakfast?

Why has Govt taken that responsibility away from Parents?

The needs of a fairly few have now become FREE FOOD FOR EVERYONE.

A “large need” has “appeared,” exactly what Sowell warned. The justification for a year-round staff and budgets.

And a larger dependency on Government. It’s a circular racket.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)