Minnesota BLM Leader Quit When He Realized Black Lives Matter But Not to "Black Lives Matter" - Granite Grok

Minnesota BLM Leader Quit When He Realized Black Lives Matter But Not to “Black Lives Matter”

Minnesota Parents Union - Education choice for Black Lives that matter

Minneapolis is ground zero for mistreating black lives in the name of black lives. Black Lying Marxists use people of color to advance a political program detrimental to black lives, children, education, and their future.

Rashad Turner joined BLM because he wanted to help black Americans. But no longer after he found himself on the inside, he realized that improving the black family or the education system was not important to the movement. The one thing that, no matter where you were from, at least in America, could elevate you to opportunities anywhere.

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BLM is pro-union government monopoly indoctrination education. Failed school systems trapping generations of black kids on Democrat-run urban plantations.

Turner, raised by his grandparents since the age of two, after his father was shot and killed, knew that education was key to improving black lives, but BLM had no interest in that.


Turner resigned from BLM after a year and a half but said he has not “quit working to improve black lives and access to a great education.”

Turner said he eventually realized BLM did not care about improving educational opportunities for black children.

“That was made very clear when they publicly denounced the charter schools alongside the teachers’ union,” he said. “I was an insider in Black Lives Matter, and I learned the ugly truth. The moratorium on charter schools does not support rebuilding the black family, but it does create barriers for a better education for black children.”


Two of the things every kid needs to succeed are a strong family and a decent education. BLM was an anti-family and anti-education choice group back in 2017 when Truner left, and they are today.

If BLM cared about Black Lives, those two things would at the top of their list. Instead, they want to destroy the family and make black neighborhoods less safe.

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They care about politics and power (and lining in mansions in White Neighborhoods, right ).

Rashad took his success and committed himself to create those same opportunities for other children. He runs the Minnesota Parent Union. They work to get kids out of failing schools and into good schools so they can thrive and succeed. You can donate to support them here.

It’s a great story and a great cause. Check this out.



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