A Cultural Despotism Enforced by Dependent-Mobs of State-Manufactured Mercenaries - Granite Grok

A Cultural Despotism Enforced by Dependent-Mobs of State-Manufactured Mercenaries


In England, the dissolution of the Monasteries by the State increased public begging. The monasteries, you see, acting as private, voluntary charities, had long tended to the needs of the truly impoverished and downtrodden at their discretion.

Which is to say, they took an interest in the care of the truly needy and discouraged those who sought it as a vocation rather than temporary assistance.

Originally published Jan 14, 2014 – Republished with a new title, Jun 15th, 2021

To resolve the problem of public begging that England had created, it instituted a government-managed public assistance plan that institutionalized the practice. The result–human nature being what it is–was to confuse need with want—the excision of discretion and discouragement.

This expansion of entitlement creates a powerful special interest whose cultural underpinnings are based on their right to take something in exchange for nothing for themselves and their posterity.

The result of this shift from private to public support has had devastating social and cultural side-effects in Britain. It has created an entire underclass of unproductive dependents who accept inactivity in exchange for subsistence living; free or subsidized housing, food, clothing, health care, something the state calls an education, entertainment–(television), a disdain for culture and tradition, and the right to sexual excess without consequence.

The latter keeps them busy generating additional revenue from the state for each new dependent they produce. It also populates the entitlement plantation culture with unwed single mothers and children with no means of support but the Government.

These are mothers who are unable to raise dependents fathered by as many different men, who will keep the welfare-state culture alive and crime rates high as generation after generation of bored, ill-tempered thugs, knowing the same state that created them has disarmed the populace, turn to rape and assault to vent their frustration, to robbery and burglary as the only visible means for improving their circumstances.

This is an apt description of what happened to Detroit and the cancer that eats away at Chicago and every major urban area in America.

It is a feature of central planning, the shade cast by the stunted progressive tree of “compassion.” It is the kind of society progressive Democrat policy will always create. One that needs their precious government more than anything else, a tree whose roots can only feed on the dwindling blood supply of the productive classes.

A culture in opposition to the one described above defends religion, morality, abstinence, marriage, self-responsibility, selflessness, and limited interference by the government so that families and private charities must and do step up to care for their own and others.

That situation breeds a culture of self-responsibility and independence where the Federal government is a limited feature of limited means and limited scope.

Our society has flipped from a culture that defined government to a culture that responds to government. This is not liberty. It is not a constitutional republic. It is a cultural despotism enforced by dependent-mobs of state-manufactured mercenaries.

These mercenaries, along with the Progressive puppeteers, use guilt and intimidation to tie us to strings so we can be made to dance like marionettes to the progressive tune.

Silenced by the PC police, told that our beliefs are offensive, our associations treasonous, and our legal gains ill-gotten.  We are then burgled or mugged by force of law to feed our keepers and their army of domestic enforcers.

And they’ve got plenty of help.

People inclined to pursue political power in any party system or the “institutions” of business and industry have seen this writing on the wall. If they are to benefit from this manufactured decline, it is in their best interests to line up with the ruling class. This way, at least, they might get a seat at the table.

To secure their place, they will engage in their own form of mercenary service. They will sacrifice ideals they once claimed as their own, used to attain status or power. They will “turn in” and “turn against” those who stubbornly cling to those ideals, finding them now incompatible with their own survival. All in exchange for any place at “the table.”

They will bend the knee to the despotic state, turn over the “traitors” in exchange for 30 pieces of silver, and take their place, lick-spittle turncoats who would throw away the promise of opportunity in exchange for Dhimmitude at the right heel of tyranny.

You know who you are.


The journey. 

The Journey starts one step at a time.  First, state interference creates a problem which more interference is meant to resolve until there is nothing left but the state. Until the state can no longer sustain even itself.  An inevitable outcome the shortsighted at the top always insist will be different ‘this time.

That’s right.  Humankind has been down this crooked road before.   So much so that it is an old dirt road, worn well by its victims and painted red with their blood.  And even though we’ve seen it before, and we know the ending, there is a shortage of leaders to hold an intervention.  They are always silenced, runoff,  bought off, imprisoned, or just give in.  So when the money really and finally runs out, and force is no longer enough to keep the peasants in line, the imminent collapse remains.

The same flawed human beings that thought they could make it “work this” time will usher in our predictable demise.

In all of human history, western democracy, buttressed by Judeo-Christian ethic and the American experiment with the  Constitutional Republic, has been the only hope we have had as human beings to protect ourselves from ourselves, with the best possible results.

But even that was run by human beings and, as such, is being torn apart before our eyes, one cultural brick at a time. If we do not shore up the cultural foundations of liberty, there will be none left for our children or our grandchildren.  The mercenary mobs and their progressive masters will have won the day for the misery of despotism yet again.

In the past, we turned to the Republican party for aid. They were the other party. The one that fought to free the slaves. To end government-mandated bondage.  And while those ideas are still out there, we are hard-pressed to find anyone willing to stand up for them in public office. Those who do are pilloried by the press, Democrats, and ruling class Republicans who either already have a seat at the table or want one.

Where are the people who observed rightly and without fear that we are our own worst enemies? That the American government recognized this and was founded to defend and protect cultural institutions that address human weakness free of government meddling.

That the liberty and opportunity afforded by the Constitutional Republic offer rewards to more people than any other form of government yet conceived of this earth.

Democrat policies have accelerated real unemployment, poverty, dependency, and moral decay while consuming and discarding private and voluntary public assistance.

They have diminished not just our status among ourselves and the world but our value as well.

The size and cost of government have nearly doubled in just six years.

That same government has exercised every power it can, enumerated or not,  to do to the states what it has done to the people. To make them paid mercenaries of a centrally planned cultural and economic despotism. And there are very few guardians left at the gate.

And we see it right here in New Hampshire, where there is no contrivance a New Hampshire Republican can construct that could excuse surrendering us to the central planners. There is no “other way” that will allow us to, for example–get our hands on that Medicaid expansion money without the strings that go with it. And lacking the spines to stand against it, knowing it is part of Obama-Care and a bad deal, knowing it will negatively impact care, cost more, generate more fraud and waste, and give the central planners more power over us, where exactly will you find the testicular fortitude to stand against the entire Federal Government when they inevitably make predictable demands post-bribe?

The question answers itself.

They will help to perpetuate a government not by the people or for the people, but one that defines the people, what they may do and not do, how they may speak and when to whom, about what, and so on. It will bribe them with other people’s money, and when they run out of that, they will try to bribe them with their own.

This is nothing more than a crime syndicate running under cover of “laws” that are only enforced when convenient. And those that enable it are simply street thugs hoping one day to be made men in the family business, operating protection scams, handing out indulgences, collecting on loans, trading in favors, and operating as pimps who prostitute their principles so they can turn their citizens into whores.

And not every issue has a middle ground, not that it matters. With so little ground left between us, the only bridge builder who can be taken seriously anymore is the one who builds the bridge so that we may cross it as conquerors who, by soapbox and ballot box, retake what was stolen from us. It does not have to be an unpleasant journey, but it will be a hard one.

And appeasers are no longer welcome. We have no time. If we are to live in tyranny, at least let us know we fought hard for the right reasons behind leaders who were not just waiting to sell us out one more time.