Are Corporations Rethinking The Idea of Vaccine Mandates? - Granite Grok

Are Corporations Rethinking The Idea of Vaccine Mandates?

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The mad rush to stick this junk in every arm may have peaked. State’s are reporting that they won’t hit their “targets,” and being freer seems to have numbed the insane rush to join the experimental drug trial marketed as the “COVID19 Vaccine.”

There is some relief with the return of at least a few of our stolen liberties, and the pressure to conform has relaxed. But don’t get complacent with the crumbs from their table. You need to get all of that freedom back and then some and make it as difficult as possible for the “experts” to steal them.

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Corporations are different animals. You – average normal citizen – can’t just flip a board of directors or replace ownership. Something needs to convince them they are heading in the wrong direction. Something has.


A recent pulse survey from the Fisher Phillips law firm has found that at least 83 percent of employers are not even considering trying to implement an employee mandate for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines. … That 83 percent figure is up from 64 percent back in January, showing that many more employers are wising up to the fact that it is a really bad idea to try to force Chinese Virus injections on their employees.


The trend appears to be to suggest. Recommend the vaccine. Encourage. There is likely some peer pressure. C’mon man, don’t you think it’s a good idea? But making employees step up for The Jab™ is losing momentum. An idea that is being left behind.

OSHA, as previously reported, has told employers they do not need to report complications from mandatory Jabbing, but that does not mean they are not a liability for those businesses.

The EEOC has given its blessing to the notion that job creators can mandate vaccination, but that does not prevent employees, current or prospective, from challenging those mandates on other grounds.

In other words, the potential for legal challenges and suits abound.

With few exceptions, after a year of being beaten senseless by COVID restrictions, lockdowns, and political mandates, an increasing number of companies are disinterested in protracted and likely high-profile legal challenges.

The only people who are not war-weary are those further left who, in large numbers, expect people to continue to mask up and get vaccinated. Another word for them is Democrats.

The nation would benefit if people left them behind as well.